August 11, 2020 — 1.2031 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Canadian Zip Mappings: Latitude/longitude-based zip code mappings, a format used by Canadian addresses”A0A 0A0″, are now supported to allow validation of these addresses and properly look up any postal codes in that format.

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Search Inventory by Product Code: Administrators can now search for product inventory across locations in the inventory view of the KCCP interface, allowing them to more easily find the inventory level of a specific product. Either either a particular location selected from the location dropdown OR “All Locations” selected (by default), a product code can be entered in the search bar. The results in the table will then update to display only the inventory level of that product at the chosen location(s).
  • Cancellation of Canada Post Labels: Canada Post shipping labels are now automatically cancelled when the associated shipment or order is cancelled, or when a tracking number if removed from the shipment. This protects merchants from being charged for shipping labels that they will not be using. Any relevant refunds for the carrier will be supported through the EasyPost integration.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Social Content Application Update: The social content application that can be integrated with a storefront has been updated to reflect the current Instagram authorization needs and data endpoints. 
  • ShipWorks Support: Existing support for the ShipWorks integration application and functionality supported by the previous eCommerce platform has been extended to the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform, allowing ShipWorks to continue being used by clients. 

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Require Shipping Manifests: To further support the Fulfiller UI’s ability to generate shipping manifests for carriers such as Canada Post, an new location setting to require manifests has been created. In the location configuration options, an administrator can now toggle on “Requires Manifest” to indicate whether a fulfillment location will generate manifests during the fulfillment process.
  • Curbside Delivery, Phase I: Curbside Delivery is a new fulfillment process that provides a safer order pickup experience, allowing retailers to continue serving their customers while limiting traffic within the store and contact between individuals. Curbside Delivery includes a system of communication between the customer and retailer through SMS and email notifications, which allow customers to inform the retailer that they are on their way, that they have arrived, and details to identify their car or indicate where they prefer their order to be placed. This keeps both parties in sync and streamlines the pickup process to ensure accuracy. In Phase I of this solution, Curbside Delivery operates as its own standalone process and is implemented without other order management and fulfillment capabilities. Thus, it is not accessible on production tenants for pre-existing clients yet. In Phase II, Curbside will be leveraged to work alongside other order management implementations.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsWhen calling the translated Get Order API with query parameters for shipmentStatus, the results were not filtered as expected. The Shipped and Cancelled statuses did not return the proper results while the Ready, Backorder, and Customer_Care statuses did successfully filter orders. These have been fixed so that they can be successfully queried for. Similar errors were experienced with other parameters that will be fixed in an upcoming release.
Targeted for Production TenantsValid Canada Post shipping methods were not displayed while creating order for French sites due to the fr-CA locale not being supported by the shipping method. This has been fixed so that all proper locales (en-CA, fr-CA, en-GB, and en-US) can offer the available Canada Post shipping method.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe reason code selected by the fulfiller for rejected shipments was not saved when a shipment was moved to the Customer Care state, preventing customer service representatives from viewing the rejection reason. The reason code for requesting transfer items was also not saved for those cases. This has been corrected so that the fulfiller’s rejection and transfer reasons are properly stored and available when viewing shipment details.
Targeted for Production TenantsVarious validation errors were sometimes experienced when trying to edit the shipping address on an order in the Order Admin UI, even though the issues described in the errors were not applicable to the address data. This has been corrected so that addresses can be properly updated.
Targeted for Production TenantsAdding new links and pages to Mega Menu navigation in the site editor resulted in the new arrangements not being consistently saved and reflected on the frontend site. This has been corrected so that rearranged links in eCommerce site navigation are properly saved in their new order.
Targeted for Production TenantsWhen editing a site theme, the “Cancel” button intended to discard all changes and exit the editor did not function – nothing happened when it was clicked. This has been fixed so that the Cancel button will return to the themes grid view and ignore all unsaved changes.
Targeted for Production TenantsFixed an issue where searching for store credits based on their identification code in the admin interface resulted in the filter not being applied and all credits being returned instead.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe Order Admin UI was not accessible on Internet Explorer 11, as the page would be stuck loading and never display the interface. Internet Explorer support has been improved so that the interface is fully accessible.
Targeted for Production SandboxesProducts were unable to be added to an order through the Order Admin UI if inventory stock was not being tracked, as there would be no change to the order after selecting the product. This has been fixed so that untracked products can be added to orders.
Targeted for Production SandboxesInventory processes have been corrected for transfer shipments where previously they did not provide the most accurate updates of current stock levels. Previously, inventory was A) fulfilled at the sending location and B) adjusted at the receiving location when the shipment was received. Now, inventory is A) fulfilled at the sending location when the transfer is shipped and B) adjusted at the receiving location when the transfer is received.
Targeted for Production SandboxesUsing an API request to filter location results from location groups based on their fulfillmentLocationCode was not functional because of conflict between capitalized codes and case sensitive filtering. This has been changed to be case insensitive, so that location codes can be successfully filtered regardless of capitalization.
Targeted for Production SandboxesPayPal payment capture was not submitting a currency code with API calls, causing the capture to fail due to a currency mismatch. This has been fixed so that the proper currency codes are passed with PayPal.