Search for Orders

There are two ways to search for an order from the dashboard at Main > Orders > Orders. Either use the quick search bar to search for key values such as Order ID or open the Advanced Filter menu on the right to specify the criteria. 

The quick search bar and advanced filter icon of the Orders page

An order can also be found via API by filtering the Get Order request.

In the quick search bar, entering a number with no other data such as "22" will bring up the order with that order number. Entering text with no other data will bring up orders with that value for their customer first or last name. But when making a more specific query, format it with the field name, the operator (either eq or =), and desired value. It is not case sensitive.

  • For example, "partNumber eq 123" will search for all orders who have an order item whose part number is 123. 

To combine several search terms, place each term within parentheses and use "and" to join them.

  • For example, "(paymentStatus eq pending) and (lastName eq wilson)" will search for all orders in Pending payment status with Wilson as the customer's last name.

While the first and last name of the primary customer on the order may be searched for (through either the lastName or billingLastName fields), the name on the shipping address may not be queried.

Characters such as asterisks will be removed, so using them as "wildcards" is not necessary. Searching for ga* will have the same result as searching for ga. 

Advanced Filters

When using advanced filters to search for orders based on specific criteria, you can choose between performing an Exact Search (which is the default behavior) or a Contains Search. An Exact Search will return only results that exactly match your input value, while a Contains Search will return any results that include your input (such as Order 12345 when you search for 234). In either case, multiple filters can be applied at once.

The "quick filter" option allows you to select from a list of commonly referenced statuses such as Fulfilled Orders, Returns in Progress, Cancelled Orders, etc. However, you can scroll down to select a status not included in the quick filter, perform a keyword search (which is not changed by your Exact Search or Contains Search selection), or create a more exact query. 

Order, Payment, Shipment, Fulfillment, and Return statuses can all be searched for - this is customer service representatives can find orders currently in Customer Care, as well as how you can find orders whose shipments cannot be fulfilled due to payment errors (via the Payment Status = "Unpaid, Errored" or "Errored" or "Unpaid or Pending or Errored" options).

Close-up of the Advanced Filter options