Inventory Quantity Types

The Kibo Composable Commerce Platform (KCCP) allows you to track different inventory quantities for your products. This guide defines the quantity types, explains how they're calculated, and provides more details about the Future Available to Promise inventory type.

Quantity Types

AvailableThe total quantity that's available to sell, or the amount on hand minus any allocated quantity.
AllocatedThe quantity that shoppers have purchased and has not been fulfilled.
On HandThe quantity that you have in stock in your warehouse.
You can manually adjust this value. Refer to Adjust On-Hand Quantities for more information. This is the only inventory quantity type that you can modify in Kibo eCommerce without Order Management.
PendingThe quantity that was overallocated and is waiting for inventory. This occurs anytime there is an allocation greater than the Available amount of inventory. Pending items will be "released" and automatically converted to Allocated when stock is available, which the system checks for every thirty minutes.
LTDThe inventory age, or lifetime to date, of the product.
FloorThe desired minimum to have in stock before ordering more inventory. This represents when inventory is getting low and should be replenished.
Safety StockHow much inventory to set aside and not factor into the available quantity that can be fulfilled.
FutureThe projected inventory you will receive within a certain time frame. This must be enabled via site settings, but is not currently displayed in the inventory table. See Future Inventory for more details about how it is used.

Inventory Calculations

The inclusion or exclusion of safety stock affects the total On Hand and Available inventory calculations. 

If Safety Stock is not included, then those values are calculated as follows:

  • On Hand = Allocated + Available + Pending
  • Available = On Hand – Allocated – Pending

If Safety Stock is included, then the calculations are:

  • On Hand = (Allocated + Available + Pending) – Safety Stock
  • Available = (On Hand – Allocated – Pending) – Safety Stock