Stripe Application

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Platforms: KCCP eCommerce and eCommerce+OMS

Stripe is a digital payment processor currently supporting over 40 countries. Kibo's Stripe Integration application enables you to easily add Stripe's payment functionality to your existing eCommerce payment options. 

Setup Overview

The following steps are required before you can use Stripe on your site(s):

  1. Contact Kibo Support and request for the Stripe application to be installed on your tenant.
  2. Kibo will install the application and configure your payment gateway adapter.
  3. Create a Stripe gateway on your Payment Settings page.

Enable the App

After configuration, you can go to System > Customization > Applications in the Admin UI and confirm that the Stripe Integration application is listed and enabled. You can disable it here if ever needed. 

The Applications UI with a callout for the enabled StripeIntegration application

Configure Payment Gateway 

Create a new payment gateway for Stripe:

  1. Go to System > Settings > Payment Gateways.
  2. Click Create New Payment Gateway.
  3. In the Payment Gateway drop-down menu, select the Stripe app.
  4. Provide your Secret API Key
  5. Click SaveThe Payment Gateways page with a Stripe gateway being created