Location View

The Location view provides dimensions describing your locations.

The measures calculated by this view are:

NameMeasure TypeDescription
Location CountCountCount of all locations.

The dimensions included in this view are:

NameData TypeDescription
Address 1StringAddress line one for the location.
Address 2StringAddress line two for the location.
Address 3StringAddress line three for the location.
Address 4StringAddress line four for the location.
Address TypeStringThe type of address, commercial or residential.
CityStringCity of the location's physical address.
Country CodeStringCountry code of the location's physical address.
DescriptionStringDescription of the location.
Is DisabledYes/NoIf yes, this location has been soft deleted.
LatitudeStringThe latitude coordinate of the location.
Location CodeStringThe unique user-defined code that identifies the location.
Location Created DateDatetimeThe timestamp of the date and time the location was created.
Location IDStringThe internal unique identifier of the location.
Location NameStringHuman readable name for the location.
LongitudeStringThe longitude coordinate of the location.
Postal CodeStringPostal or zip code of the location's physical address.
State/ProvinceStringState or province of the location's physical address.