Configurable Gift Cards

Configurable gift cards require you to create special product attributes and a product type before the gift card product. 

Create the Product Attributes

You must first create product attributes that provide the selectable monetary amounts for the gift card.

  1. Go to System > Schema > Product Attributes.
  2. Click Create New Attribute.
  3. Enter an Attribute Label.
    This label appears on your storefront and is visible to your shoppers.
  4. Enter an Administration Name.
    This field defaults to the Attribute Label value, but you can specify another name to help you better identify the attribute.
  5. If not already populated, enter an Attribute Code.
    This field defaults to the Attribute Label value.
  6. Set the Input Type to List.
  7. Under Attribute Type, select Option.
  8. Set the Date Type to either Text or Number.
    Text allows you to add in the dollar sign to the monetary values in the list. Number only supports numerical values.
  9. Under Values, add the individual monetary amounts that your gift cards come in.

    Press Enter after typing in each value to quickly add your values to the list.

  10. Click Save to save the product attribute.

Create the Product Type

After creating the product attributes, you then create the product type so that Kibo eCommerce knows the product is a gift card.

If you previously created a gift card product type, you're not required to create an additional gift card product type for the configurable gift card. However, if you use an existing gift card product type, you'll need to add your product attributes to the product type as Options.

  1. Go to System > Schema > Product Types.
  2. Click Create New Product Type.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Under Supported Usage Types, ensure that Configurable Product With Options is selected.

    If you plan on creating standard gift cards, select Standard Product. You can use the same product type for the two different gift card types.

  5. Under Options, click Add.
  6. In the Attribute list, select the product attribute you previously created for the monetary gift card amounts.
  7. In the Values list, select the monetary value amounts that you wish to offer the gift card in. Each selection appears in the Selections list.

    The sequence the monetary values appear in the Selections list is the same sequence they'll appear in to shoppers.

  8. Click Done.
  9. Under Advanced, select This Product Type is a Digital Gift Card.
  10. Click Save to save the product type.

Create the Gift Card Product

After creating the product attributes and product type, you then create the gift card product and apply the product type you previously created.

  1. Go to Main > Catalog > Products.
  2. Click Create New Product.
  3. Click the Plus button on the global tab to add the gift card to a specific catalog.
  4. Enter a Code for the gift card.
  5. Select a Status for the gift card.
    The Status drop-down menu does not appear if you did not previously select a specific catalog.
  6. Under Product Type, select the gift card product type you previously created.
  7. Under Product Usage, select Configurable Product With Options.
  8. Enter a Name for the gift card.
    This is the name that appears on your storefront and is visible to shoppers.
  9. (Optional) Enter a Short Description, a Full Description, and add a Product Image.
  10. Set the Price and Gift Card/Credit Value to $0.

    The base gift card should have a price of $0, and the individual gift card variances will have a price according to their respective monetary values.

  11. (Recommended) Under Product Discounts, Kibo eCommerce recommends to select Restrict discounts on this product to prevent discounts being applied to the gift card price.
  12. Under First Available Date, ensure the correct date is selected when the gift card product first became available.
  13. Under Options, click Select Values.
  14. In the Edit Variants dialog box, click Update Options.
    The product attributes you previously created appear.
  15. Select the monetary values you wish to offer the gift card in.
  16. Click Save.
  17. In the Edit Variants dialog box, complete the following steps for each applicable gift card variant:
    1. Enable each individual gift card variant.
    2. (Optional) Enter your own product code for each variant. If you don't enter a product code, Kibo eCommerce automatically creates one for you.
    3. Under Extra Price, enter the amount you wish to charge for each individual gift card variant.
      For example, you have a $50 gift card variant, so you enter $50 in Extra Price.
    4. Under Gift Card/Credit Value, enter the credit amount the gift card is for.
  18. Click Save in the Edit Variants dialog box to save your product variants.
  19. (Optional) Add any applicable properties, categories and SEO information to the gift card.
  20. Click Save to save the gift card product.
  21. If your product publishing settings are set to Staged, complete your product publishing workflow to publish the gift card.