Share Cart Across Sites

If you have multiple sites, cart items can be retained if the customer switches between sites. This will result in one order that is associated with multiple sites, and can be viewed or edited from any of the sites.

Cart sharing may be useful for implementations where each site supports a different language, as it allows the language to be changed while in the cart without losing any items or creating a second order. 

This is only possible if all sites use the same catalog, which is required to ensure correct pricing. Cart sharing across different brands is not supported at this time.

Enable Sites

A tenant attribute determines the list of sites that support cart sharing, which is not configurable from your Admin settings. Contact Kibo Support to have this set up and enable the behavior. 

Cart Sharing Behavior

Once enabled, those sites will respect the following behavior:

  • If a customer or customer service representative switches sites while creating an order, the new site will maintain the cart context with all of the same information and items. The items will always be displayed in the language of the site they were added from.
  • The order will be primarily associated to the site that it was submitted on. For example, if a cart is created on your English site but then the order is submitted via your Arabic site, the order will be created on the Arabic site and that will be reflected in its order data.
  • If the customer or CSR views the My Account page from any of the associated sites, the order will be displayed.
  • Admin or API users can edit the order, checkout, and shipments from any of the associated sites.

For example, if Site A and Site B are shared cart sites and a shipment is created with Site A before being edited in Site B, the system will allow the edit.

Support with Other Features

When a cart and subsequent order are shared across multiple sites, the same support will be extended to any inventory reservations, subscriptions, returns, quotes, and customer wishlists. This means that you can view and edit any of these elements on all enabled sites. In the case of returns, replacement orders will be created on the same site where the return was initiated.

Note that when a reservation is created on one site and cart is updated on another site, the reservation is updated as well. The system will not create a second reservation.