Receive a Return

When you receive the product from the shopper:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Returns.
  2. Click on the return you are receiving the product for.
  3. In the Items tab, click Receive Package.Return details with a callout for the Receive Package button
  4. In the modal that opens, update the Qty Received Now to indicate the quantity of the item you received.
  5. If the item is restockable, update the Quantity Restockable field to add any quantity of the item back to your inventory.
  6. Select a Restock Location.
    • This will restock, or update, the inventory levels at that location with the returned items. Only locations that support inventory management are selectable. 
    • Though this usually matches the return location selected at initiation, different restock locations can still be chosen for quantities within a line item, such as if 5 of the product were being restocked to one location and 5 to another location.
  7. Click Mark as Received to confirm your updates.The Receive Package for Return module showing the drop-down list of location options

Note that any item identifiers will be displayed as a tooltip for the item.