Shipment Package View

The Shipment Package view allows a shipment to be connected to one or more associated packages.

The measures calculated by this view are:

NameMeasure TypeDescription
Shipment Package CountCountThe count of all shipment packages.

The dimensions included in this view are:

NameData TypeDescription
CarrierStringName of the carrier delivering the package.
Carrier TypeStringThe carrier (USPS, FedEx, etc.) delivering the shipment.
Carrier Type OtherStringThe carrier's name if it is not one of Kibo's listed carriers.
Delivery TypeStringThe delivery type of the package.
Has LabelYes/NoWhether a shipping label has been generated for the shipment.
Package IDStringA unique identifier for the package. Will be automatically set by OMS upon creation.
Shipment Package Created DateDatetimeThe date and time the shipment package was created.
Shipment Package Updated DateDatetimeThe date and time the shipment package was updated within the system.
Shipping Method CodeStringThe code associated with a carrier's shipping method service type used during fulfillment of packages and shipments.
Shipping Method NameStringThe carrier-supplied name for the shipping service type, such as "UPS Ground" or "2nd Day Air."
Site IDNumberUnique identifier for the site.
Tracking NumberStringThe tracking number assigned to the package by the carrier.
Tracking URLStringThe URL to track the shipment.