The Configurations Editor is the second step in your search configuration. This allows you to create a set of rules that applies to your site. Using the fields added in the Schema Editor, you can add additional parameters such as Product Slicing, MinMatch, Phrase Slop, Weight, Phrase Weight, Boost/Bury, and Whitespace.


To access from the home page, click MAIN in the left-hand navigation, click the Search drop-down menu, and then click Configuration.

Search settings sidebar location

List Entries

As with the Schema Editor, Search Configurations are controlled inside of a catalog/site combination. You can create various settings, but only a single setting can be marked as the Default and applied to your site at a time.

You can change the default setting at any time as needed if, for example, you create a setting for an event such as a promotion. In that case, set the promotion setting as the default during the appropriate time period, and then return to your standard default when it's over. Changes to existing settings can be started by clicking Edit or Delete at the end of the row. Any setting can be deleted except for the default.

Screenshot of the search settings list page with arrows pointing to the Master drop-down menu and sites