Discount Dashboard

The Discount dashboard provides an overview of how discounts are performing and identifies the top performing discounts. It can be viewed under the discounts topic at Kibo Standard Reports > Discount > Discount Dashboard in the navigation menu. 

Example of the Discount dashboard with bar and pie charts

The supported filters that can be applied to this dashboard are:

SiteRestrict results to one or more of your sites.All
Order Created DateLimit results to only orders created within this time range.Past five weeks
Discount TypeSpecifies whether this is a product, shipping, or order discount.All
Discount LevelSpecifies whether the discount is applied at the order or order item level.Order

The measures that are calculated by this dashboard are:

Order Discount CountThe number of times a discount was applied.
Total Order SubtotalThe sum of the subtotal for all orders.
Average Order ValueThe order total divided by the valid order count.
Total ImpactThe total order, shipping, or product amount affected by applying the discount.

The tiles that make up this dashboard are:

Top Ten Discounts by RedemptionsThe ten discounts with the highest order discount count.
Top Ten Discounts By RevenueThe ten discounts with the highest total order subtotal.
Top Ten Discounts By ImpactThe ten discounts where the average order value was highest on orders where they were applied.
Discounted vs. Non-Discounted IPOThe items per order for orders where a discount was applied compared to orders where no discount was applied.
Discounted vs Non-Discounted AOVThe average order value for orders where a discount was applied compared to the average order value for orders where no discount was applied.
Discounted vs. Non-Discounted RevenueThe sum of the order subtotal for all orders with an order discount applied compared to the sum for all orders with no order discount applied.
Performance By Order StatusThe order discount count as a percentage of total orders grouped by order status
Discount Usage by WeekThe order discount count grouped on a weekly basis.
Discount PerformanceThe order discount count, total impact, total subtotal, and average order value for each discount.