Add Payments to Orders

Use the Payments tab of order details to view and add the customer’s payment information. Shoppers can pay with a credit card, check, gift card, or store credit. If you process a payment outside of the platform, such as through a third-party like PayPal or at a brick-and-mortar location, you can associate the payment details using the manual credit card option.

You can only add payment methods that have been enabled for the site. You can view the enabled payment methods at System > Settings > Payment Types. Refer to Payment Types for more information.

Add Payment Method

When adding a new payment method to an existing order, you will be able to either add a new credit card or apply another payment to an existing credit card that was already used on the order.

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Orders.
  2. Click the order you want to add a payment to.
  3. Click the Payments tab of the order details.
  4. Use the Add Payment drop-down menu to select a payment method. You can use any payment method that's enabled on the applicable site. For purchase orders, refer to Purchase Orders for more information.

Add New Credit Card

Click Add Payment or Credit Card (Manual) to open a dialogue box that lists all billing information fields as shown below. They must all be populated before the payment can be created. If the details of a new credit need to be added:

  1. Check New Credit Card in the Add Payment dialogue window.
  2. Enter the payment information for all fields. Those marked with an asterisk are required.
  3. Click Save to authorize the transaction.

Add Existing Credit Card

However, if a credit card already exists for the order then the dialogue box will offer an Order Credit Cards option that will allow the new payment to reference the existing card information in the order. Use this option to quickly create a new payment method in a case where the same card and billing information is being charged again.

  1. Check Order Credit Cards in the Add Payment dialogue window.
  2. Select an credit card from the Existing Gift Cards on Order drop-down.
  3. Set the Amount to charge to the card.
  4. Click Save to authorize the transaction.

The Add Payment module prompting the user to select payment information