Request a Production Tenant

Before setting up your system, you need to request the tenant with Kibo Support. Sandbox tenants can be created from Dev Center. Pre-production, Performance Test and Production tenants should be requested with Kibo Support.

The below inputs are required to request a performance test, pre-production or production tenant.

Client Information

The following client information is required.

  • Partner Name
  • Client/Brand Name
  • Dev Account Name
  • Account ID
  • Planned Go Live Date

Environment & Tenant

The details regarding the environment, tenant types, and tenant regions.

Environment (scaleUnitId)

This is also known as the Environment, Prod, or Scale Unit. The following are the supported values:

  • stg1 (pre-prod)
  • stg2 (performance testing)
  • tp[1-4] (standard tenant)
  • tp5 (search tenant)
  • euw1 (Europe-based tenant)

Tenant Type (unifiedTenantType)

This is also known as the Tenant Type. The following are the supported values:

  • EcommOnly
  • EcommPlusOms
  • OmsOnly
  • CurbsideOnly
  • Search
  • HeadlessEcommOnly
  • HeadlessEcommPlusOms
  • HeadlessOmsOnly

Tenant Region

 Provide your tenant region:

  • US/EU

Tenant to Mirror

Provide the Tenant ID to mirror. Make an API call to GET Tenant by ID and provide the response for this tenant.

  • PreProd/Sandbox

Feature Required

The following features are required to be provided in the request.

  • Ability to Self-Certify Themes and Apps: yes/no
  • Catalog Disabled: true/false
  • OrderRoutingExtensibilityEnabled: true/false
  • Subscriptions: yes/no
  • SupportedCustomExtensions: true/false


The default locale code to use when creating the tenant's first master catalog.

  • Example: "en-US"


The default currency code to use when creating the tenant's first master catalog.

  • Example: "USD"

App Installations

For the app installations, there are two key options to consider:


This is the attribute that determines your system's capability to install and run custom applications or API extensions.

  • Supported values: true/false.
  • Please note that this attribute should not be confused with StorefrontApiExtensionsDisabled, which is a custom attribute used to disable custom routes in http.storefront.route.
  • For all new tenants, it is recommended to set this attribute to "true" as the default.

API Transform Required

This is only required for tenant upgrades where the tenant is using legacy OMS API paths.

  • Supported values: true/false

Domain details

The following domain information is required.

eCommerce StoreFront Domain Name(s)

The eComm site domain name the tenant is providing. After provisioning the tenant, Kibo will associate this domain with the site, configure Akamai CDN properties, set up certificates, and establish a WAF security configuration.

  • Example:

Naked Domain Redirect Required

You can manage and redirect your own DNS configurations or contact Kibo Support for our assistance.

  • Example: Do we need to set up an HTTP/HTTPS redirect from to

Traffic/API Volume Estimates

Please provide the following figures, if these are relevant to your tenant type:

  • Average and peak orders per hour
  • Average and peak unique storefront sessions per hour
  • Average and peak storefront visits per hour
  • Number of locations that regularly refresh inventory (used to determine inventory batch worker count)
  • Total number of SKUs
  • Total Products
  • Total Variants
  • Avg Order Size per site
  • Avg Order Total per site
  • Peak Avg Order Size per site
  • Peak Avg Order Total per site
  • Avg Orders per hour per site
  • Peak Max Orders per hour per site