Contentful Integration

Kibo provides an application to integrate between Contentful, a leading Content Management System (CMS), and the Kibo Catalog service. This application connects your catalog to reference your products inside of Contentful and streamline your content management to ensure a consistent shopping experience across all of your sites, marketplaces, and points of sale. 

For information on Contentful, see their website and developer portal.

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You must have a Contentful account, as the application is installed and managed within Contentful rather than Kibo's Dev Center.

To authorize the application, you will also need to know your Kibo Client ID and secret.

Installing the App

Navigate to Apps > Manage Apps in the Contentful interface. This page will include a list of all available applications in which you can find Kibo Commerce. Click this application to view more information and install it. Clicking Install will open a configuration screen.

Configuring the App

Contentful will prompt you to provide your Auth Host, Kibo Client ID, Shared Secret, and API Host. These values should be the same as you would use for any other Kibo application.

Finally, you must assign your products to Contentful fields in order to enable products. Check the Kibo Standard Product and Product options in this section. Note that all products will be displayed as the "Kibo" product type in Contentful.

Assign to fields window with check-box to select appropriate fields

Click Install in the top right to confirm your settings and complete the installation process. You can return to Apps > Manage Apps again at any time to view your Kibo application and edit these configurations.Configuration Modal with Auth Host, Kibo Client ID, Shared Secret, and API Host fields

The Content Page

The Content Model page allows you to manage your content types. As mentioned above, "Kibo Products" will be the only type supported for products imported via the application.Content Model page to manage content types with a search bar and “Add content type” button at top right corner

Note that if you click the Kibo Product, then the UI will open the below page where you can access additional settings. However, Kibo recommends that you do NOT make any changes here - the application does not support additional fields, and any localization or data validation settings configured within Contentful will not work correctly with Kibo products.Kibo Product page to access “Additional Settings”

Adding Kibo Products

On the Content page, you can add selected products from your Kibo catalog to Contentful. If you have other content types in your account, then you must select "Kibo Product" from the dropdown list in the search bar. If you do not have any other content, then Kibo Product will be automatically populated.

Click Add Kibo Product in the top right.Content page header with

 From this page, click Select products in the left pane.Kibo Product page with

This will open a navigation module allowing you to view your catalog. Select one or more products that you want to add and click Save # products in the top right.Select Products navigation module with Catalogs and

Your selections will now display on the page and this update will be saved in draft status. To remove any selections, click the X in the corner of the product listing. You can also drag and drop them to change their order. 

When satisfied, click Publish on the right to publish your content entry. Alternatively, you can archive it instead or schedule it for publishing at a later date.Product Catalog review page with

Next Steps

For more information about managing products and content entries, see Contentful's guides and tutorials.