Configure Product Types

To create a new product type:

  1. Go to System > Schema > Product Types.
  2. Click Create New Product Type.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. In the Support Usage Types list, select the options that apply to your product type:
    • Standard Product
    • Configurable Product With Options
    • Product Bundle
    • Bundle Component
    • CollectionThe name field and supported usage types of product type configurations
  5. Under each attribute type, click Add to associate attributes with this product type.

    Depending on the attribute type that you add to the product type and the attribute's input values, you might be required to select specific configurations of the attribute. Refer to Product Attributes for more information about adding attributes to a product type.

    Add buttons for options, extras, properties, and variant properties
  6. In the Advanced section, select whether this product type is a physical item, service item, digital credit item, or digital gift card. This will determine the product type's "goods type" which is an irreversible setting and will impact the workflow of shipments with items of that product type.
    • Physical: This is the default goods type used by most products. They can be associated with inventory which will be referenced when creating, assigning, and fulfilling shipments with these items.
    • Service: Used only for service items in Assembly and Delivery workflows.
    • Digital Credit: Upon fulfillment, a store credit record will be created and assigned to the customer who placed the order.
    • Digital Gift Card: This requires the setup of a custom payment gateway adapter that can support digital gift cards and automatic fulfillment of them.
      Advanced options for whether a product type applies to physical, service, or digital items
  7. Click Save.

You can update a product or multiple products' product types at once using the Quick Edits tool.