Configure Product Types

To create a new product type:

  1. Go to System > Schema > Product Types.
  2. Click Create New Product Type.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. In the Support Usage Types list, select the options that apply to your product type:
    • Standard Product
    • Configurable Product With Options
    • Product Bundle
    • Bundle Component
    • CollectionThe name field and supported usage types of product type configurations
  5. Under each attribute type, click Add to associate attributes with this product type.

    Depending on the attribute type that you add to the product type and the attribute's input values, you might be required to select specific configurations of the attribute. Refer to Product Attributes for more information about adding attributes to a product type.

    Add buttons for options, extras, properties, and variant properties
  6. In the Advanced section, select whether this product type is a physical item, service item, digital item, digital credit item, or digital gift card.Advanced options for whether a product type applies to physical, service, or digital items
  7. Click Save.