Field Weights

The weights section allows you to add field entries from your settings list and adjust their weight and phrase weight. Field Weight is a boost factor that increases or decreases a particular field's importance in the query relative to the other fields. Fields with higher numbers that match will elevate more towards the top of the results. Phrase Weight is similar to Field Weight but provides an extra boost only when multiple terms are searched and also appear in close proximity within the field. A value of 0 means the field gets no additional phrase boosting.

  1. To add a field, click Add Field Weight.
    A zoomed screenshot of the field weights portion in Site Search settings
  2. A popup will appear. Select the Field Name and Field Type from the drop-down menus. The options available here depend on what you added in the Schema Editor for the same catalog/site combination. To add more options, add entries in that part of the workflow. Once you have made your selection, click Add.
    Screenshot of the Add Field Weight modal with drop-down menus to choose field name and field type
  3. To edit the weight and phrase weight of each entry, enter the number into the input box for each. The allowable values are 1 to 20.
    A zoomed screenshot of the Field Weights list with arrows pointing to the values for weight and phrase weight within a single entry