Product Overview

A product represents any item for sale on a site. The entire suite of products defined for a merchant is called a master catalog, which is shared across sites with individual catalogs.

Products can include:

  • An unlimited number of attributes, which uniquely describe the product
  • Images of the product to display on the storefront
  • Variations based on size, color, and other options

Products can also belong to one or more categories, which hierarchically classify products. Refer to Categories for more information about the different types of categories an using them to classify your products.


Before you create products in a catalog, you must first complete the following steps:

  1. Create product attributes to define the characteristics of your products.
  2. Create product types that provide templates of settings and attributes for a specific set of products.

APIs and Postman Runner

For more information on the APIs associated with products and the product interfaces, see the Catalog Admin API documentation.

You can also use Postman and Postman Runner to update products, product attributes, and sort product type attributes instead of the UI or import/export tool