Marketing Best Practices

Kibo recommends the following best practices for your marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

Use Merchandizing Rules for Product Ranking

The Kibo Composable Commerce Platform used to include a Marketing feature called Product Ranking Rules. However, that has been deprecated and all existing ranking rules were migrated into the Merchandizing Rules feature of Search. All new product ranking rules should be created as merchandizing rules instead.

Refer to the general Search and Merchandizing Rules documentation for more details.

Inform Kibo of Expected Traffic

If you have planned promotional activities that may result in a significant increase to server traffic and/or API requests in a short period of time, Kibo recommends the following best practices:

  • Do not send out a major email or text campaign to everyone in a large audience at the exact same time. Instead, space your emails and texts out over a period of time (1-2 hours).
  • Send your emails and texts at a time that does not already have high traffic. For instance, most sites see a steady increase in traffic from 7am to 11am Central, so we would recommend that you do not send out an email campaign to several million customers at 8:30am.
  • Please read and understand our recommended best practices for API related processes.

Doing the above will ensure the system can best scale on its own to meet your needs and avoid potential problems. In the event that a large spike or increase in traffic/requests cannot be avoided, please notify Kibo Support. Support will work with the developer teams to ensure Kibo has the resources in place to support the increase in traffic without being surprised by unexpected system load and negatively affecting performance.

Examples of these planned promotional activities include:

  • National television or radio campaigns
  • Publicity events such as sponsor interviews
  • Spots on morning television
  • Email marketing campaigns or widely advertised sales