Boost and Bury Fields

You may Boost or Bury any field entry that was created in the Schema Editor. This allows the ranking of certain products relative to others within the search results to be manually changed. The allowable boost/bury value is –100 to 100. Any value of 0 or higher is a boost, while a negative number is a bury.

Zoomed screenshot of the Boost/Bury portion of Site Search settings

  1. To add a new entry, click Add Expression.
    Screenshot of the boost settings with an arrow pointing to the Add Expression button
  2. Choose the Boost Type (Core Field or Custom Attribute) from the drop-down menu and then click Next.
    Screenshot of the New Boost Expression modal
  3. Select the Field Name, Operator, Field Value, and Boost Value. Click Done.
    Screenshot of the New Boost Expression modal with options for Core Field Boost
  4. To add a more complex boost, click Custom Boost Function.
    Screenshot of the Custom Boost function modal and button
  5. Enter the full expression into the text field and click Done.The Custom Boost Function modal