Product Attributes View

The Product Attributes view provides dimensions and measures for extensible attributes associated with the product model.

The measures calculated by this view are:

NameMeasure TypeDescription
CountCountCount of all product attribute records.

The dimensions included in this view are:

NameData TypeDescription
Attribute Input TypeStringThe type of input selection used to define a value for the attribute, including Yes/No, Date, DateTime, List, TextBox, or TextArea.
Attribute NameStringThe user-supplied name of the attribute.
Attribute ValueStringThe user-supplied value for the attribute.
Attribute Value Data TypeStringThe data type of the source product property, typically of type Bool, DateTime, Number, or String.
Attribute Value TypeStringAn attribute value type is either predefined vocabulary set by the admin during attribute set up, or user-defined with an appropriate type (AdminEntered or ShopperEntered, depending on the user).
Catalog IDNumberUnique identifier for the product catalog to which the product attribute value belongs.
Fully Qualified Attribute CodeStringUnique identifier for the attribute to which the product belongs.
Is ExtraYes/NoIf yes, the product attribute is an add-on configuration made by the shopper that does not represent a product variation, such as a monogram.
Is OptionYes/NoIf yes, the product attribute is a merchant- or shopper-configurable option, such as size or color, that represents a product variation.
Is PropertyYes/NoIf yes, the product attribute describes aspects of the product that do not represent an option configurable by the shopper, such as screen resolution or brand.
Product Attribute IDNumberInternal unique identifier of the product attribute.
Product Attribute Value IDNumberInternal unique identifier of the product attribute value.
Product CodeStringThe unique user-defined identifier for a product.
Product IDNumberInternal unique identifier of the product.
Product NameStringThe user-supplied name of the product.