Initiate a Return

Returns are created from the order details page of an existing order.

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Orders.
  2. Click the order you want to start a return for.
  3. Click the Returns tab to see a list of returnable items in the order (as well as status of any returns that already exist).The Returns tab in order details with returnable items and an example return
  4. Use the checkboxes on the right of the Returnable Items table to select a product or products to return.

    You can return every item in an order or only select items. You can also return products and extras as a whole or select only certain items from within the bundle to return.

    You can also create multiple returns for a single order if you want to handle the return differently for different line items.

  5. For each selected product, select the reason for the return using the Reported Issue drop-down menu. The default reasons that are available out-of-the-box are listed below, but you can customize your list of return reasons with an API Extension action.
    • Damaged
    • Defective
    • Missing Parts
    • Different Expectations
    • Late
    • No Longer Wanted
    • Other
  6. For each selected product, select the resolution type that the shopper seeks under Resolution:
    ReplaceSelect this option if the shopper desires a replacement product. You can still provide a refund to the shopper under this option.
    RefundSelect this option if the shopper only desires a refund. You can still send a replacement if conditions change later in the process.
  7. For each selected product, enter the Qty to Return.
  8. Repeat the steps for all the items you want to return.
  9. Click Initiate Return.
  10. Select a return location from the drop-down list of locations that accept returns. 
    • The selected option will be the location that should expect the returned items to be delivered to them by the customer, and a generated return label will display this location on it. 
    • If a default return location has been designated in settings, it will be the first result displayed. To select another option, begin typing a location name in the text field and matching results will be displayed.The Select Return Location module showing the drop-down list of location options
  11. Click Create Return.

The return will now be visible in the Returns tab of the particular order’s details view and on the dashboard at Main > Orders > Returns.