Environment Limitations

Kibo recommends some best practices when using different environment within the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform (KCCP) to improve the system efficiency.

This guide provides guidance on supported soft limits for each client & partner-facing environment. There are specific soft limits for the use of the sandbox environment and general storage limits for the use of other environments.

See the API Best Practices guide for more information about API rate limiting.

Developer Sandbox

You can develop your own personalized sandbox. Any developer who is already on the developer account can add another user. It’s also possible to load up a test catalog if you don’t want to build something completely from scratch. The following table shows you the limitations per sandbox.

Developer SandboxLimits
Inventory records (SKUs)50,000
Entity list entries2,000
Price lists10
Price list entries per price list100
Attribute values per attribute100
Customer attributes per customer100

Pre-Production & Production Environments

If you are going to load a large amount of data in the pre-production environment, such as more than 2 million inventory SKUs or millions of records across different data types, then please contact Kibo so that we can guide you and ensure that we have resources set aside to support you.

In the production environment there are no limits on data. However,  if you plan to do a large data load it is also advised to contact Kibo so we can support your data load and set aside the proper resources.