Shipment Detail Dashboard

The Shipment Detail dashboard provides a granular view of shipments. This can be viewed under the shipment topic at Kibo Standard Reports > Shipment Shipment Detail Dashboard in the navigation menu.

Example of the Shipment Details dashboard with a table of shipments

The supported filters that can be applied to this dashboard are:

SiteRestrict results to one or more of your sites.All
Shipment Created DateLimit results to only shipments created within this time range.Past seven days
Shipment TypeThe shipment workflow used such as ship to home or BOPIS.All
Location CodeRepresents the location assigned to fulfill the shipment.All
Shipment StatusThe status of the shipment such as canceled, ready, or fulfilled.All

There are no special measures that are calculated by this dashboard.

The tiles that make up this dashboard are:

Shipment DetailTable providing the following dimensions for each rejected shipment: Shipment Created Date, Order Number, Shipment Number, Location Code, Shipment Status, Shipment Type, Shipment Method, Fulfillment Date ,and Total.