Manage Returns

You can view returns in either the order details of the order they are associated with or through the Returns dashboard of the Admin UI, where you can also add internal or customer notes and resend return emails. Other return processing actions are documented in their own guides.

View Returns in Order Details

To view the returnable items in an order and any of its existing returns:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Orders.
  2. Click the order you want to view returnable items or returns for.
  3. Click the Returns tab. This will display information about item quantities in the order, including how many items are returnable, and any existing returns.The Returns tab in order details with returnable items and an example return
  4. Click a return and be redirected to the return details page where more information about the return will be displayed and you can perform actions on it.

Return Item Identifiers

Note that if an item identifier has been set for any returnable items, that information will be provided in a tooltip on the Returns tab. These are Order Management fields that are created from the Create Order API and can set by fulfillers during the fulfillment process, and are displayed as a tooltip on the item name. The item identifier can be a serial number, manufacturer number, number for a gift card item to load a value to, or other identifying data point. 

Close-up of the Returnable Items table in the Returns tab of the order details, showing a tooltip that says the item was paid for with a gift card

Returns Dashboard

The Returns dashboard at Main > Orders > Returns displays the existing returns across all of your orders and provides more details about them. 

  • Return Status: Whether the overall return is completed or not.
  • Action Required: Whether any action needs to be taken yet to process the return.
  • Received Status: Whether the returned item has been received from the customer or not.
  • Refund Status: Whether a return is fully, partially, or not refunded. This is determined by comparing the refund amount to the sum of the total price and tax amount.
    • Fully Refunded means that the total refund is greater than or equal to the sum of the total price and tax.
    • Partially Refunded means that the total refund is less than the sum of the total price and tax.
  • Replacement Status: Whether a replacement has been requested, issued, or not requested.
  • Return Amount: The total cost of the return.

The Returns page with example returns

You can sort the Returns grid by column, use the search box to find specific returns, or use the advanced filter to narrow down results by fields such as return status or created date.

Return Details Page

Click on a return to view its details and perform any actions that may be associated with the return request such as confirming receipt of the return, creating a return shipment label, or closing the return.

The return details page

If viewing a cancelled return, you will not be able to perform the following actions: Receive Package, Print Return Label, Resend Email, or Refund to New Gift Card.

Add Internal Notes

To add notes (that are not visible to shoppers) to a return:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Returns.
  2. Click the return you want to add a note for.
  3. In the Internal Notes tab, click Add Internal Notes.
  4. In the modal that opens, create your note.
  5. Click Create Note to save your note.

View Customer Notes

To view return notes created by shoppers:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Returns.
  2. Click the return you want to add a note for.
  3. In the Customer Notes tab, view any existing customer notes to determine if the shopper has any specific requests or additional information for processing the return.

Resend Return Emails

To resend return emails (which send automatically but may have been missed by the shopper) for non-cancelled returns:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Returns.
  2. Click the return you want to add a resend an email for.
  3. In the Items tab, click the Resend Email drop-down menu.
  4. Choose to resend the Return Created or the Return Authorized email.