Subscription Dashboard

The Subscription dashboard keeps you up to date on how individual subscriptions are performing. This can be viewed under the Subscriptions topic at Kibo Standard Reports > Subscriptions > Subscription Dashboard in the navigation menu.

Example of the Subscription dashboard with pie charts and a table

The supported filters that can be applied to this dashboard are:

Site NameRestrict results to one or more of your sites.All
Subscription Created DateLimit results to only subscriptions created within this time range.Past five weeks
Subscription StatusCurrent status of the subscription.All

The tiles that make up this dashboard are:

Total Subscription Count by StatusThe count of subscriptions in each status for the time window. For a list of all possible subscription statuses and their definitions, see the Subscriptions Overview guide.
Total Subscription Revenue by StatusThe subscription totals (revenue) in each status for the time window.
Subscription DetailsTable containing the details of each subscription: Subscription Number, Next Order Date, Email, User ID / Customer Account ID, Subscription Status, Subscription Revenue, and Reason (populated only for cancelled subscriptions).