Storefront Accounts

Both buyers and sellers can log into your e-commerce storefront with their B2B account. Buyers log in directly on the storefront where they can view and manage their account hierarchy, request new child accounts, and submit Quick Orders, while sellers log in through the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform and then select which site they want to view.

Buyers and sellers can use quotes to negotiate pricing on potential orders through the storefront. See the Quotes guide for more detailed information about that feature.

Account Access

Buyers and sellers access their storefront account options in different ways.

Seller Account Access

A seller should go to B2B > Seller Account Access, which will redirect the seller to the storefront where they will be able to view the product catalog and manage quotes. Kibo Admins can also access the storefront as a seller with this link.

The KCCP navigation menu showing the Seller Account Access link under B2B

Clicking Seller Account Access will open a dialogue box with a drop-down menu where the user should select which site catalog they want to access.

Pop-up prompting the user to select a site to enter the storefront

Buyer Account Access

Buyers log in directly from the storefront, usually in the top right depending on site design. They will be presented with their account information, as well as a navigation menu allowing them to view their quotes, account hierarchy, and orders.

The welcome page for a B2B seller on the storefront

Request an Account

If the user does not currently have a B2B account, they may click Request a B2B Account on the storefront to request one. Buyers can submit a request for a B2B account, but only Kibo administrators and sales representatives can approve the new account.

Buyers can also request accounts from the account hierarchy, as shown in the following section.

Account Hierarchy

Buyers can view their B2B account and any additional child accounts that have been created on the Account Hierarchy page accessible from their storefront My Account page. Buyer admins can manage the hierarchy by adding and rearranging child accounts, while purchasers and non-purchasers can only view the hierarchy.

This may be useful in cases such as the below example, where a buyer account is grouped into child accounts at different state and city levels.

Example B2B account hierarchy

The buyer can click the + and – icons to expand or hide branches of this hierarchy. Expanding the drop-down menu for an account allows the user to either view the account information or rearrange the hierarchy by moving it under a new parent account. The new parent account must be either the buyer's own account or one of their other child accounts.

Example showing how to View or Change Parent Account of a B2B account in the hierarchy

Clicking Add Child Account will initiate a new account request. Buyers can only add child accounts to their current account and descendants – they cannot add more child accounts to their own parent or ancestor accounts.

Child accounts will automatically copy sales representatives from their parent, but adding additional sales reps to the parent account in the future will not add the new sales representative to the child account. When sales representatives are copied from the parent, then the account will automatically be approved and will not require administrator approval or sales rep assignment.

Example of the form for adding a child account to the B2B account hierarchy