Location Attributes

Location attributes are attributes that you can apply to locations to add further definition for special uses, such as hours, services provided, etc.

You can configure location attributes to display only in Admin, or in both Admin and storefront. You can choose various input and data types with various input parameters.

Note that changes to these settings may not immediately take effect when processing orders. It may take up to 15 minutes for updates to be reflected in the system while the cache refreshes.

Create a Location Attribute

To create a location attribute:

  1. Go to System > Schema > Location Attributes.
  2. Click Create New Location Attribute.
  3. Enter an Administration Name.
  4. Enter a Code that has meaning to you.
  5. Select a Display Group.
  6. Select an Input Type from the drop-down menu.
    1. If you choose list, select a Data Type and enter a selection option in the Add Value or Label:Value field and then select the position in the list for that option.
      • When adding a selection option, you must add a label and a value separated by a colon. For example: "front doors:3."
      • If you select Number for Data Type, you must enter a number for the value in the Add Value or Label:Value field.
    2. If you choose Text box, select a Data Type. Optionally, you can define input parameters in the Min char/val and Max char/val fields.
    3. If you choose Text area, you can optionally define a Max char/val value.
    4. If you choose Date, you can optionally define a start and/or end date for the selectable range.
  7. Select Save.