Edit Order Items

Once shipments are created, order items can only be edited from the Shipments tab. By default, shipments are created automatically upon order submission which means you will always be editing orders at the shipment level. However, if you have configured shipments to be created at a certain point after order submission, then you can edit the items directly at the order level instead as long as the order is in the Pending Shipments state.

This guide explains how to edit order items at both the shipment and order levels. 

If the restrictEdit flag is set to true on the order via API, then a user without the Override Order Update Restriction behavior will not be able to edit the order.

 This includes changing the address, email, contact, attributes, or other details as well as performing any actions such as creating a new shipment, reassigning or updating existing shipments, editing shipment items or notes or custom data, canceling shipment line items, and adding a payment. However, the user will still be able to initiate and process returns.

Shipment Level Edits

Once shipments exist on an order, you can only edit order items at the shipment level. 

  1. While viewing an order, click the Shipments tab.Order Details page header with a callout for the Shipments tab
  2. Expand the drop-down menu to the right of a line item to access item actions. Close-up of the drop-down menu for a shipment item with options for reassignment, editing unit price, cancel item, and view custom data

You cannot directly edit item quantities. To reduce a quantity, use the Cancel Item action. To increase a quantity, a new order or shipment must be created for the additional amount and will be fulfilled separately.
You also cannot edit the item-level tax, discounts, or fees. Make changes to the overall subtotal, shipping, handling, and tax via the shipment adjustment options instead.

Reassign Item

Manual Reassign will allow you to select a new fulfillment location for this line item, similar to manual reassignment at the shipment level. 

Auto Reassign will use Order Routing logic to assign the line item to a new fulfillment location.

Transfer Item

If applicable for the shipment type and fulfillment configurations, Request Transfer will be available and will allow a new transfer shipment to be created to supply missing inventory for the assigned fulfillment location instead.

Edit Unit Price

After editing an item's unit price, the tax will be automatically recalculated. 

  1. Click Edit Unit Price from the item actions menu.
  2. Enter the new Unit Price.
  3. Select the Reason For Change from the drop-down menu. If you select Other, then you will be prompted to specify the reason.
  4. Click Save.Pop-up prompting the user to select a new unit price and reason for the change

Cancel Item

You can cancel all or partial quantity of an item. Crediting a payment is not necessary if editing or canceling a single item from a shipment. 

  1. You can cancel either partial quantity or the full quantity of an item.
  2. Click Cancel Item from the item actions menu.
  3. Enter the quantity of the item  that you want to cancel. For example, if an item has a starting quantity of 7 then cancelling 3 will change the shipment quantity to 4. Cancelling all 7 will remove the line item from the shipment entirely.
  4. Select a Cancel Reason from the drop-down.
  5. Click Cancel Items to confirm.Pop-up prompting the user to select the quantity to cancel and the cancel reason

After canceling the item, it will be moved to a new Canceled Items tab in the shipment details. This allows you to view a record of items that were previously included in the shipment.

View Custom Data

Custom order data is passed to the shipments upon initial order creation, but any edits to the item-level custom data made after creation must be done on a per-shipment basis. This means that you should update any custom item data on every shipment within the order where needed because a change at the order level will not be applied across the board. 

  1. Click View Custom Data from the item actions menu. This opens a modal displaying the item-level custom data that was applied to the shipment during order creation.  
  2. Click Edit to change a custom data key. Note that these values are always treated as strings. Click Save after entering the new value.
  3. Click Delete to remove a data key from this item.The shipment item custom data table, showing a data row being edited

If you want to edit shipment-level custom data instead, rather than the custom data of individual items, you can do this from the Custom Data tab of the shipment details.

Gift Card Items

If an item is a digital product, such as a gift card, then it will be displayed as a "Digital" shipment type. The shipment information in the Order Admin will have an additional tab for Gift Card Details where the gift card number, PIN, recipient and sender names and emails, and gift message are displayed. 

You can edit the recipient's name or email as well as the gift message and resend the gift card email to the recipient:

  1. Click into a text box to make changes. As with customer accounts, the maximum allowed length for an email address is 254 characters.
  2. Click Resend Gift Card Email to save changes and send the customer a new email with their gift card information.The Gift Card Details tab in shipment details

Order Level Edits

If an order is in the Pending Shipment status (which must be enabled by configuring how long after order submission the shipments are created), then you can edit items directly on the order.  

As these items have not yet been assigned to fulfillment locations, this allows you to add and remove items, decrease and increase quantities, and edit pricing (including order subtotals) all on the same screen.

  1. Click Edit Details while viewing the order details.The order action buttons with a callout for the Edit Details button
  2. This will open a modal similar to that of creating an offline order.
  3. In the line items table, edit the fulfillment method, unit price, and quantity of any existing items. You can also choose whether to subscribe to the item or not (and if so, change its frequency) if subscriptions are enabled on that item. Add new items to the table using the Product Search bar.The items table of the Order Details
  4. To edit subtotals, expand the Order Adjustments, Shipping, Handling, and/or Tax & Duty sections in the pricing section. Add or subtract amounts from the subtotals to recalculate the full order total.The adjustments and subtotals section of the Order Details

    Note that if the Disable Tax and Duty Adjustments site setting is enabled, then you will not be able to make edits to any of the tax or duty totals through the Admin UI.

  5. Other miscellaneous edits can be made to the order at the same time, such as changing the pickup contact (if any pickup items were selected), applying coupons, changing the price list, and adding customer notes or a gift message.Other edits that can be made in the order details
  6. Click Save in the bottom right of the modal.

Orders will be automatically repriced upon edits, meaning that the tax, duty fees, discounts, shipping and handling costs, and other pricing elements will be recalculated. 

However, if a new payment needs to be collected (such as after adding an item or changing the shipping that incurs extra shipping costs) then the payment will not be automatically collected. You must add a new payment to the order manually, which will immediately be Authorized.