Unclaimed BOPIS Orders Dashboard

The Unclaimed BOPIS Orders dashboard provides detailed information about orders with a shipment type of In-Store Pickup that have not been picked up. This can be viewed under the order topic at Kibo Standard Reports > Order Unclaimed BOPIS Orders Dashboard in the navigation menu.

Example of the Unclaimed BOPIS Orders dashboard with a table of BOPIS orders

The supported filters that can be applied to this dashboard are:

Location CodeThe location codes where the shipments were fulfilled.All
Days ReadyThe number of days passed since the shipment was marked as ready for pickup.Greater than or equal to five days

There are no special measures that are calculated by this dashboard.

The tiles that make up this dashboard are:

Unclaimed BOPIS Order ReportTable providing the following dimensions for each order: Order Created Date, Order Number, Location Code, Ready For Pickup Date, and Days Ready.