Search Schema Overview

Kibo's Search allows you to configure and then fine-tune the results customers see when searching for products on your site. Setting up Search occurs in two phases, the Schema Editor and Search Configurations. Both determine what a customer sees by supporting how search results are searched upon, analyzed, indexed, and then displayed. 

Search Admins can access both the Schema Editor and Search Configurations. Search Merchandisers can access only the Search Configurations.

Search Schema Editor

The Schema Editor is the first step in your search configuration. It allows you to set up the search fields you want available on your site along with the analyzers (field type) for each field. Fields added here will be available in search configurations where you will be able to manage relevancy.


To access from the home page, click MAIN in the left-hand navigation, click the Search drop-down menu, and then click Schema.

Search schema sidebar location

List Entries

In the top-left of the Search Schema screen, the catalog is shown with the language beneath. Search is configured for each catalog/language combination by choosing field names and field types. To select a different catalog and/or language, select a value from each in their drop-down menus.

Screenshot of the schema editor with arrows pointing to the Master Catalog and Language drop-down menus
You may have multiple Field Types for the same Field Name. Combinations, however, must be unique. Field/Attribute Names are shown with either product, category, or child at the front. At least one entry must be added to the Schema Editor for Search to show any results on your site.

Screenshot of field/attribute names with various field/attribute types

Spell Correction

Turning this setting on enables additional settings such as Autocorrect and Did You Mean to be configured in Search Configurations.

Screenshot of the toggle for Spell Correction in the Schema Editor