Order Validators and Fraud Check Applications

An order validator is a way to implement a fraud check. The only Kibo supported order validators are Kount and Cybersource DecisionManager.

Add Order Validator

Follow the below steps to add an order validator:

  1. In Dev Center, navigate to Develop > Applications > Packages > Capabilities. 
  2. Click Add Capability.
  3. Search for Order Validatorin the Add Capability modal and click Ok.
    Add Capability modal with capabilities suggestions
  4. Add a URL for a web service that you host externally, or an API Extension function if you want it hosted in Kibo.
    Order Validator modal for external URL with save button at bottom.

The URL is user-defined and is a REST endpoint that takes a validator request and returns a validator response.

REST API Response

See schema of GET: 


    "validationId": "string",
    "validatorName": "string",
    "validatorType": "string", // "Fraud" (only option)
    "status": "string", // "Pass", "Review", or "Fail"
    "createdDate": "2021-06-10T15:38:19.651Z",
    "messages": [
        "orderItemId": "string",
        "messageType": "string",
        "message": "string"


If messages are in the wrong format, then it causes an error in admin that will break all your orders and Kibo Engineering will have to pull out of the corrupted state.