Discount Folders

The Discounts page at Main > Marketing > Discounts displays all discounts in your catalogs in a folder hierarchy structure, allowing you to more easily organize your discounts.

However, using the folder functionality is optional: discounts do not have to be placed into any folders. If not placed in a folder, they will be listed at the root level instead. 

Discounts Homepage

Both active and scheduled discounts are displayed on the Discounts homepage by default. 

Each catalog has its own independent set of discounts and folders. You can select the catalog you want to view discounts for in the top header of the page. Additionally, you can customize which columns are displayed in the discounts table by expanding the edit menu (the three dots) in the top right of the table and selecting which columns you want shown from the list that appears.

The search bar at the top of the page will always perform a global search across all folders in the catalog. Even if you perform a search while viewing a particular subfolder, the current subfolder will be unselected and the query will return results from all folders. Likewise, the Advanced Filter options (which allow you to narrow your search to features like coupon codes, discount statuses, start/end dates, and more) will be applied globally and return search results from all folders.The Discounts page with a file directory structure and example discounts

Manage Folders

You can perform the following actions on individual folders:

  • Create: Add a new subfolder within the selected folder. This will open a pop-up for you to enter the name of the new folder. Validations for special characters and folder name length will be performed.
  • Delete: Remove the selected folder. A folder cannot be deleted if it has discounts in it or has subfolders. If there are either subfolders or discounts in it, an error message will be displayed prompting you to empty the folder before deleting it.
  • Move: Move the selected folder and all of its discounts to a new location in the hierarchy. You will be prompted to select the destination for the folder to be placed under.
  • Rename: Change the name of the selected folder. Validations for special characters and folder name length will be performed.

Since each catalog is independent, folder names do not have to be unique between catalogs. However, this means you cannot move discounts between catalogs.

In a catalog, you cannot have duplicate folder names within the same parent folder (e.g. two subfolders named Holiday Discounts within the same folder).

Close-up of the folder actions drop-down menu with options for Create, Rename, Delete, and Move

Manage Discounts Within Folders

Clicking Create New Discount in the top right of the Discounts page will open a new tab to configure the new discounts and will always create the new discount in the current folder you are viewing. 

For existing discounts, you can perform the following actions.

  • Delete: Remove the discount from this catalog. This can only be performed on one discount at a time.
  • Move: Change this discount's location in the folder hierarchy. This can be performed on multiple discounts at a time. 
  • Edit: Open the discount configuration editor, similar to that for creating a discount. This can only be performed on one discount at a time.
  • Duplicate: Create a new discount with the same configurations as the previous. This can only be performed on one discount at a time. 

Close-up of the discounts table with an example discount selected

Move Discounts

If you select multiple discounts, then only the Move action will be available. You are able to select all discounts on the page if desired, as well as individual discounts from across multiple pages. However, the Select All checkbox does not supporting selecting all discounts across more than one page.Close-up of the discounts table with multiple discounts selected

After initiating the Move action, a modal will appear asking you to select the destination folder. Make your selection and click Move to confirm.Pop-up prompting the user to select a destination folder to move a discount to