Product Type Attributes

After you create any product types and add the attributes that apply to that product type, each time you add a new product, the attributes appear automatically on the product page. You can then use this information to assign the attribute values that describe the new product.

You can always add attributes that you need to use for product types. When added, they become available for all current products with that type. Refer to Product Attributes for more information about adding attributes to product types.

Attribute List Value Order

When you add an attribute that has an input type of List, such as a property or an extra, to a product type, you must select all applicable list values for the product type.

The order in which you place the list values in on the product type under the Selections section, controls the order that Kibo eCommerce displays the list values in on the product details page on your storefront.

List Value Order Example

Refer to the following example for more information:

  1. You create a Brand property and specify the following list values for this property:

    Table of example attribute labels and values

  2. You then add this property to your Shirt product type, and place the list values in the following order under the Selections section:

    Close-up of a Selections list with example values

  3. Then, you create a new shirt product and specify two of these brands for the product:

    Close-up of the Brand option with example values

  4. Regardless of the order you placed the values in when you created either the attribute or the product, Kibo eCommerce displays the values in the order they're in on the product type on your storefront:

    Close-up of the Properties information displayed on the storefront product page

Keep the order the values are in under the Selections section in mind when you create new product types that use list attribute values.