Fulfiller UI Overview

In the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform, the fulfiller service performs all the fulfillment-related calls to the systems that maintain order and shipment related data. This interface is accessed through the KCCP Admin at Main > Fulfiller

This guide introduces the Fulfiller UI dashboard and basic information about viewing shipments. For more information and walkthroughs of how to process specific fulfillment types, see the Fulfillment Methods guides.

For more information about the corresponding APIs and instructions for how to fulfill shipments through the API instead of the interface, see the Shipment API documentation and API walkthrough.


There are two widgets on the homepage, the Shipment Quick View and Assigned Shipments, in addition to the navigation menu. 

  • Store Selection: Select the fulfillment location at the top of the menu. Admins may be set to All Stores by default and can change it by clicking the text to select a specific location.
  • Shipments in Process: Shows each fulfillment step and number of associated shipments.
  • Pick & Pack: Prepare shipments for fulfillment. This will only be displayed if a location has been chosen in the store selection (not All Stores) and pick waves are enabled for that location group.
  • Receive Transfers: If transfers are enabled, accept shipments from another fulfiller. This will not be displayed if the location is not allowed to use transfer shipments.
  • Links to Home, Help, Settings, and Log Out.

The Fulfiller navigation menu

Shipment Quick View 

The Shipment Quick View is the first widget on the dashboard and displays shipments that may require attention such as late shipments, express shipments, and pickup shipments. This module provides information about these shipments at first glance, and also allows you to click Order Note to add an internal note to the order that the shipment belongs to. 

Click any shipment in the table to open its details page.

The Shipment Quick View module on the homepage

Assigned Shipments

The Assigned Shipments widget counts the number of assigned shipments currently in each fulfillment step. The fulfillment method tables that are displayed are limited to those methods that are enabled for the current location. 

Clicking any row in this widget will take you to a listing page that displays all shipments for that fulfillment step and allows you to continue their fulfillment. 

The Assigned Shipments widget on the homepage

Search for Shipments

Shipments can also be found via the search bar at the top of the interface. You can filter shipments on the following fields when typed into the quick search bar:

  • Order Number (exact match)
  • Shipment Number (exact match)
  • Destination Contact Short Full Name (contains match)
  • Destination Contact Address Line 1 (contains match)
  • Email (exact match)
  • Item Name (contains match)
  • External Order ID (contains match)
  • Order Reference Number (exact match; this refers to the parentCheckoutNumber used in the Commerce APIs which is passed from orders to shipments)

You can also expand the Advanced Filter menu to view more options. Additional terms that can be searched for through this menu include customer information and phone number, item product code, shipment status, order payment status, the submitted date of the shipment, and the return number and status. However, the Advanced Filter will only return exact matches. For example, if you search for a Customer Last Name of "Smi" then the results will not include any customers with the last name "Smith."

Multiple terms can be applied in one search query from either the quick search bar or the Advanced Filter menu.

Close-up of the Advanced Filter search options

The search results will be displayed as a listing page that includes all shipments fitting the criteria. From this listing page, you will be able to view more details or continue fulfillment.