Customer Attributes

Customer attributes are attributes that you can apply to customer accounts to add further definition for special uses, such as marketing campaigns, or discounts. These are primarily used by instances of the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform with the Kibo eCommerce solution, rather than Order Management-only implementations.

You can configure customer attribute values to display only in Admin, or in both Admin and on the storefront. You can also specify whether the definition or selection of associated values can be done by shoppers, administrators, or both. You can choose various input and data types with various input parameters.

Create a Customer Attribute

To create a customer attribute:

  1. Go to System > Schema > Customer Attributes.
  2. Click Create New Customer Attribute.
  3. Enter an Attribute Label that has meaning to you.
    Keep in mind that it appears on the storefront if you later specify it to display there.
    1. If you want to give it a different name for administration purposes, edit the Administration Name.
      The default name is the Attribute Label.
    2. If you want to customize the Attribute Code, edit the value accordingly.
      This field automatically populates based on the Attribute Label.
  4. Select a Display Group.
    This field determines where the attribute displays: either in the Admin only, or in the Admin and on the storefront.
  5. Select a Value Source.

    Admin Entered is the only valid selection for the Admin Only display group.

  6. Select an Input Type.
    1. If you choose List, select a Data Type and enter the selection options in the Values field.
    2. If you choose Text box, select a Data Type. Optionally, you can define input parameters in the Min char/val and Max char/val fields, or enter a regular expression in the Input validation field.
    3. If you choose Text area, you can optionally define a Max char value.
    4. If you choose Date, you can optionally define a start and/or end date for the selectable range.

For example, you might create a customer attribute called Communication Preference that you want to use in order to keep track of how your customers prefer to be contacted. When creating the customer attribute, you can specify the following:

Example of customer attribute configurations

Apply a Customer Attribute

To apply a customer attribute:

  1. Go to Main > Customers > Customers.
  2. Select the customer account to which you want to apply the attribute.
  3. In the Customer Attributes section, select the value of your choice.Customer attributes configurations with a callout for the Communication Preference drop-down

    If you choose the Shopper Entered value source, the attribute is unavailable.

  4. (If applicable) If you choose either the Shopper Entered or Admin & Shopper Entered value source, then a shopper can specify the attribute by editing their customer account settings:The customer's account settings page on the storefront