Replace a Return

To create a replacement order for an item:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Returns.
  2. Click the return you want to replace.
  3. In the Replacements tab, click Ship Replacement.
  4. Use the pop-up Ship Replacement window to create a replacement order for an item(s). The replacement order will be added to the original order under the Returns tab, so you can quickly switch between the two (From the original reference order, click on the order listed under Replacements in the Returns tab. From the replacement order, click on the Ref. order to return to the original order).
  5. The replacement order is a new order that is prepopulated with replacement items and customer information. The replacement order automatically applies adjustments to bring the order total to zero dollars, but you can:
    • Adjust the cost to the shopper.
    • Edit product details to easily exchange or add new items to the order.
    • Adjust payment and fulfillment information.
    • Add internal notes to the replacement order.
    • Edit attributes for the order.