App Support Levels

These classifications describe the level of support Kibo eCommerce provides for an application.


  • Kibo eCommerce provides full support for these applications.
  • Kibo eCommerce is solely responsible for the development of these applications.

Open Source

  • Kibo eCommerce provides full support for these applications assuming no part of the application has been modified (source code, theme, widgets, API Extensions, etc.) and that it has been installed through the Kibo eCommerce Marketplace or with the assistance of a Kibo eCommerce representative.
  • The source code for these applications is freely available on GitHub through the Kibo eCommerce Open Source Model.

    Kibo eCommerce encourages third-party developers to modify these applications so as to provide improvements, add functionality, or fix existing bugs. However, Kibo eCommerce cannot provide support for modified applications given that the code design is no longer under its control.

  • If you make a modification that you want Kibo eCommerce to support in future releases of the application, you can request that Kibo eCommerce incorporate your changes into the core application. Kibo eCommerce will review your changes with the following criteria in mind:
    • Code review: Is the modification stable, tested, and complete?
    • Feature Enhancement review: Is the improvement to an existing feature general to all use cases or is it specific to a particular Kibo eCommerce community member?
    • New Feature review: Is the new feature useful to other members of the Kibo eCommerce community?
    • Bug Fix review: Is the issue being fixed an issue for all members of the Kibo eCommerce community?