Channel Settings

Kibo eCommerce uses channels to track where orders originate from. Your business may receive a mixture of orders that originate from different sources. Defining these sources helps you determine an order’s point of origin when you view it in the Orders module and also when you view details about your business performance in the Reporting module.

Once you create a channel you can then associate that channel with an individual site. Refer to the General Settings for more information about associating a channel with an individual site.

You associate each channel with a site, and a site can only have one channel associated with it.

For example, your company Mystic Sports includes retail kiosks across the United States and an online store, You create the following channels:

MS-KioskMystic Sports KioskUS
MS-OnlineMystic Sports OnlineUS

Create a Channel

To create a channel:

  1. Go to System > Structure > Channels.
  2. Click Create New Channel.
  3. Enter a Code.
  4. Enter a Name.
  5. Select a Country.
  6. Click Save:

Close-up of the channels table with a callout for the Save button while editing a row