Shipping Methods and Fees

After you set up carriers and create shipping zones and product rules, you can create your shipping methods, product fees, and order fees.

Create Shipping Methods

  1. Go to System > Settings > Shipping > Methods.
  2. Select the site you want to specify options for from the top bar.
  3. Click Add New in each one of the corresponding sections.
  4. Select all shipping zones that the configuration will be applied to from the first drop-down.
  5. Select any applicable product rules.
  6. Choose the shipping methods/service types to apply this configuration to. The drop-down menu will list all possible options that are offered by the carriers that accounts have been set up for.Close-up of the shipping zone settings form and the drop-down shipping methods menu
  7. Click Save in the top right to finish creating the configuration and add it to the table.
  8. Drag and drop configurations in the table to reorder them and change their priority, or change priorities by clicking Edit from the drop-down menu on the far right of a configuration listing.

Methods and Fees Example

For example, you need a product handling fee for your Flat Rate packages. You choose the following configuration:

Close-up of the shipping zone settings with an example flat rate fee