Digital Gift Card Overview

You can create a digital gift card as a product that shoppers can buy on your storefront. You can create two different types of digital gift cards: standard product gift cards, and configurable gift cards with value options. 

The steps are similar to creating a normal product in your catalog; however there are some unique steps that are required in order to correctly create and configure the digital gift card on your storefront.

For information about processing gift cards as payment methods rather than products, see Gift Card Processing.

Digital Gift Card Types

You can create two types of digital gift cards. It is important to identify the type of digital gift card you wish to create first, because the steps to create each one are slightly different.

Standard Product Gift Cards

Standard product gift cards have one set price that shoppers cannot change on the storefront. Standard gift cards have a set price that you set and that's the only amount shoppers can buy for the gift card.

For example, you create a $50 standard product gift card. This gift card appears on your storefront as a product that has a set $50 price, and shoppers cannot change or select a different amount.

Configurable Gift Cards

Unlike standard product gift cards, configurable gift cards allow you to specify various monetary amounts for gift cards. Configurable gift cards allow you to group multiple monetary amounts, which the shopper can choose from, on one storefront product page. Since a configurable gift card with value options is a product with variations, each of the monetary amounts have their own product code that is related to the base product's code.

For example, you create the base configurable gift card and you set its price to $0. Then, you add value options for $5, $10, and $20 to the base product. Each of the value options has its own product code, and the shopper can choose one of these options from a list on the storefront page.

Digital Gift Cards in Admin UI

When an order is created and a digital gift card is one of its line items, then the gift card is placed into a shipment of the type "Digital." This shipment is automatically marked as fulfilled and its payment is immediately captured.

The gift card information can be reviewed and edited in the Order Admin UI. The order's shipment details will have an additional tab for Gift Card Details where the gift card number, PIN, recipient and sender names and emails, and gift message are displayed. The administrator or customer service representative can edit the recipient's name or email as well as the gift message and resend the gift card email to the recipient.

Click into a text box to make changes. The edits will automatically be saved upon clicking Resend Gift Card Email.

The Gift Card Details tab of shipment information