B2B Overview

The B2B, or Business-to-Business, extension of Kibo eCommerce allows sales to be made to organizations separately from the single-consumer checkout experience. B2B allows you to manage the accounts of business buyers across your company, in which multiple buyers can log into a shared B2B account to access their pricing and purchasing options as well as negotiate order quotes with a designated sales representative.

The B2B account functionality supports these multiple accounts with different roles and levels of authority, negotiated pricing, credit balances on accounts (Purchase Orders), and other features.

To begin creating a B2B implementation, contact a Kibo Customer Service Representative. For more information about the APIs associated with B2B Accounts, see the API documentation.

How B2B Pricing Works

In eCommerce, specific pricelists are usually configured through customer segments. The segments found on the account are matched against the segments found on pricelists. If multiple pricelists match by segment, it resolves to the pricelist with the highest rank. 

Similar functionality is supported for B2B accounts, however a pricelist may be specified directly on the B2B account, which takes precedence over any pricelist matched by customer segment. When a customer is logged into a B2B Account, pricing will reflect the appropriate pricelist pricing for their account. See the Price List documentation for more information.

A buyer with the Administrator role may add credit cards and billing/shipping addresses to the account for use during checkout. Each user may choose their own primary billing/shipping address from those available on the account. The Purchase Order payment method may be available if the seller has enabled it on the account.