Order Detail Dashboard

The Order Detail dashboard provides detailed information about a list of orders placed on the site. It can be viewed under the order topic at Kibo Standard Reports > Order Order Detail Dashboard in the navigation menu.

Example of the Order Detail dashboard with a table of orders

The supported filters that can be applied to this dashboard are:

SiteRestrict results to one or more of your sites.All
Order Created DateLimit results to only orders created within this time range.Past seven days
Billing CountryThe country code from the order billing address.All
Billing State/ProvinceThe state or province code from the order billing address.All
Order StatusThe status of the order such as Completed, Submitted, or Cancelled.All
Payment StatusThe status of the payment for the order such as Paid or Unpaid.All

There are no special measures that are calculated by this dashboard.

The tiles that make up this dashboard are:

Order DetailTable providing the following dimensions for each order: Order Created Date (sorted by descending), Order Number, Order Status, Payment Status, Fulfillment Status, Return Status, Subtotal, Shipping Total, Tax Total, and Order Total.