Configure Inventory

You must enable inventory at the location level before you can begin to associate products with inventory. 

For more information about configuring your inventory with category tags to differentiate between the quantities available for different channels, fulfillment methods, or other groups, see Inventory Segmentation.

Note that changes to these settings may not immediately take effect when processing orders. It may take up to 15 minutes for updates to be reflected in the system while the cache refreshes.

Enable Inventory

Before you associate your products with inventory, you must first enable inventory support for one or more of your locations. Once you enable inventory support for a location, you can then associate your products with inventory records at that specific location. Refer to Associate Products with Inventory for more information about associating products with inventory.

You must create your locations in the Locations module before enabling inventory support for locations. Refer to Location Settings for more information about setting up locations.

To enable inventory support for a location:

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Locations.
  2. Select an applicable location.
  3. Under the Location section, enable Location supports inventory:

    Callout of the

  4. (Optional) Decide whether you want to Allow fulfillment without stock on hand.
    This setting allows you to fulfill orders without sufficient on-hand quantities. This is useful if you want to mark items as fulfilled before entering newly arriving stock quantities in Kibo eCommerce. Refer to Fulfill Items Without Sufficient Stock for more information.

Refer to Location Settings for more information about the various location settings you can configure.

Associate Products with Inventory

After you create products in a catalog, you can associate them with inventory at a specific location.

  1. For the applicable product, go to its Product Editor > Inventory configurations and enable Track stock level.Callout of the
  2.  Click Manage Inventory. The product inventory page will automatically be searched for the applicable product. If the product is a configurable product with options, then the base product's code will be used.

    Callout of the Manage Inventory button in the product editor

  3. Select the product in the left panel:

    Callout of the product selection panel on the Inventory page

  4. Click Create New Inventory:

    Callout of the Create New Inventory button in the top right of the Inventory page

  5. Select the Location Name from the drop-down menu, and enter the On Hand quantity:

    Callout of the location name and on hand quantity of inventory location settings

  6. Click Save.

Adjust On-Hand Quantities

If you've already associated a product with inventory, you can adjust its on-hand quantity at any time. You can also update its LTD, floor, or safety stock using the same steps as detailed below.

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Inventory.
  2. Either select the Location Name from the drop-down menu or enter a Product Code to view inventory levels.
  3. Click a row to make its inventory fields editable.
  4. Enter the new quantity.

    Callout of the user input field for on-hand quantity

  5. Click Save.