View Orders and Shipments

The Order Admin at Main > Orders > Orders displays every offline and online order your sites have received across all available channels, allowing you to manage orders and their shipments in both eCommerce and Order Management implementations. 

The Orders page with example orders

Dashboard Actions

You can perform three types of bulk actions while viewing orders on this dashboard: Accept, Cancel, and Capture. To do so, check the boxes of all orders you want to update and the action buttons will appear at the top of the list. After clicking a button, you will prompted to confirm the action.

If any of the checked orders are in a status that doesn't allow an action (such as if the orders have already been accepted), then that button will not be selectable. In the example below, only Cancel and Capture are available.

The orders grid with several checked orders and action buttons available.

View Order Details

Click an order from the dashboard to display its details page with general order and customer information and an overview of all order items. Tabs for Shipments, Payments, and Returns offer additional details as well as editing capabilities at each level. Any attributes, customer notes, gift messages, and internal notes are displayed further down this page.

On the Order Details tab, you can:

  • Print Order: Print the order details.
  • Resend Email: Resend the order confirmation email to the customer. Currently, any other emails (such as order cancellation) cannot be resent through the Admin UI.

However, the Edit Details button next to those options will be greyed out. Any changes to an existing order must be made at the shipment or item level (including editing the shipping, tax, or price reduction amounts). 

The order details page

Historical Orders

If an order record was imported in a Completed or Canceled state, a message will be displayed to indicate that this is a historical order and cannot be edited (shown below). A similar message will be displayed in the shipment details tab.

You are only able to create returns, refunds, and credits for the order and its shipments if the ability to do so was enabled in site settings prior to the import. See the Import Orders via API documentation for more information on how to do this.

The order details page with a message stating that the order is an imported historical order and cannot be edited

View Shipment Details

Switching to the Shipments tab will display the shipments that belong to the order, where you can both manage the shipment as well as make item-level edits such as pricing adjustments and cancellations. See the Edit Order Shipments or Edit Order Items guides for more details about these actions.

If item-level identifiers are set for any item in the shipment, they will be viewable as a tool-tip on the line item's name. Identifiers are Order Management fields that are created from the Create Order API and can set by fulfillers during the fulfillment process, and are displayed as a tooltip on the item name. The item identifier can be a serial number, manufacturer number, number for a gift card item to load a value to, or other identifying data point.

A record of all events and changes made to each shipment are displayed in the Shipment History tab. This matches the shipment log from the Fulfiller UI that tracks a shipment's progress through fulfillment, edits to shipping or item details, and other updates.

Note that the current shipment step is only updated when the shipment is pushed through each fulfillment step in the Fulfiller UI. This means that the Step and Status values displayed on this tab may not always match.

Shipments tab of the order details page