Display Groups

When adding property attributes to a product type, you can specify whether the property and its values are available to be displayed on specific storefront page types using the Display Group drop-down menu. 

You can control whether or not a property is actually displayed on your storefront using your theme. The Display Group selection only specifies whether or not the property is available to your theme on specific storefront page types.

Display Group Options

Refer to the following table for more information about the possible display group selections:

Display GroupDescription
Storefront Details and ListingsThe property and its values are available on product detail pages as well as product listing pages, such as categories and search results.
Storefront DetailsThe property and its values are available only on product detail pages.
Admin OnlyThe property and its values are not available on storefront pages, and display only in Admin.

Set Display Group

To specify a Display Group selection:

  1. Go to System > Schema > Product Types.
  2. Click the product type you want to assign to a display group.
  3. In the Properties section, select a value in the drop-down Display Group menu.

The Properties configuration module with a callout for the Display Group option