Edit Orders

Most actions for order editing are made at the shipment or item level instead. However, you can edit custom order data, customer addresses, and pickup contacts at the order level.

For payment actions, see the Order Payments documentation.

Note that any returns should be initiated from the Returns page of the interface, not the order details.

Change Order Address

You can change the customer address that is associated with an order.

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Orders.
  2. Click the order you want to cancel to open its order details.
  3. Click Change Address in the customer information to edit the customer's billing or shipping address on all shipments in this order. Customer details with a callout for the Change Address button
  4. Pricing and tax for shipments in Customer Care or Backorder will be recalculated using the updated address. The tax will not be refreshed on a shipment in the Fulfilled or Cancelled state, or if the order is Completed. 

Note that you can also edit the customer's email address from the order details page.

Edit Custom Order Data

If the order was created with custom data, then the table of custom key:value pairs will be displayed at the bottom of the Order Details page. You can add new custom keys at the order level, as well as edit or delete existing keys. 

  1. Go to Main > Orders > Orders.
  2. Click the order you want to edit custom data of.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the order details to view the Custom Order Data table.Close-up of a custom order data table with example datapoints
  4. Click Edit to change an order-level value. Note that all custom data values are in string format.
  5. Click Delete to remove a key:value pair from the order.
  6. Click Add to add a new editable row to the table. 

Edit Pickup Contacts

If you are viewing a Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) order, then you will also have the ability to edit alternate pickup information in the Order Details. 

There will be a primary pickup contact (generally the customer who placed the order) with an Edit icon where you can add the additional contact and enter their first/last name, email address, and optionally their phone number. You can also edit the details of any contacts already assigned. This information will be displayed in the shipment details of the Fulfiller UI (though it is only editable here in the Admin) and the alternate contact will receive fulfillment notification emails about the order.

For the API fields associated with this contact, see the Order API payload and the endpoints to update and remove the alternate contact.