May 19, 2020 — 1.2019 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Rules-Based Page Display: The Rules-Based Page Display feature of the previous eCommerce platform has been implemented in the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform. This is part of the Site Builder that allows the management of conditions in which a webpage is displayed to the viewer. The rules that are currently supported are based on the customer segment of the page viewer and the active start/end dates of the page variant, allowing the variant to only be displayed for certain customers and/or during a certain time frame. 

Order Management Functionality

  • Carrier Accounts and Credentials: Multiple carrier accounts can be created for each fulfillment carrier under shipping settings, allowing different accounts to be used as needed at the site, location, and location group levels. Different shipping credentials by location group are also supported, supporting more flexible carrier account configurations.
  • Canada Post Support: Canada Post can now be enabled as a valid fulfillment carrier in the shipping configuration settings of the Admin UI, under Shipping > Carriers. Credentials can be set up for Canada Post, allowing them to be associated with sites, locations, and location groups per the Carrier Accounts and Credentials enhancement described above.
  • User Endpoint Upgrade: An endpoint has been made to query active users from existing OMS retailers and manufacturers and generate Kibo Composable Commerce Platform invites for them, allowing users to be moved from the existing OMS platform to KCCP while retaining their previous roles and email addresses.
  • Errored Payment Statuses: New payment rollup statuses have been created to enable filtering orders that have an errored payment. These statuses are “Errored” and “PendingAndErrored,” to account for cases where some orders may have multiple payment methods. The Errored status indicates that at least one payment has failed authorization or capture, while the ErroredAndPending status applies to orders with at least one errored method in addition to at least one active payment (New, Authorized, Invoiced, PaymentRequested, or Pending). This allows the order search to return results for these statuses so that their payment problems can be addressed. Searching for “Pending” will return orders in the Pending and PendingAndErrored statuses. Searching for “Errored” will return orders in the Errored and PendingAndErrored statuses.
  • Payment Transaction Error Event: A new payment error event has been implemented to enable sending payment transaction error notifications. This event and its subsequent notification is triggered anytime a payment error happens on or after order submit. All payment actions and payment types can trigger these notifications. Note that in the previous OMS platform, these notifications were only sent on the third failed attempt. However, in KCCP these notifications are sent any time an error occurs. OMS Upgraded clients receive payment transaction error notifications when errors are experienced on capture or refund, and they are translated to the classic format.

Production Sandbox Features

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Bronto Fulfillment Emails: Support for Bronto has been extended to the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform. Shipment transactional emails are now supported by the Bronto application, so that email messages can be triggered upon different events in the shipment fulfillment process. Sample templates exist for these new emails and can be customized. The following emails are now available in Bronto: Shipment Shipped, Shipment Assigned To A Location, Transfer Shipment Created, Transfer Shipment Shipped, Backorder, Backorder Date Changed, Order Pickup Ready, Order Pickup Reminder, Partial Pickup Ready, Transfer Created On Inventory Reject, and Item Cancelled.
  • Filter Orders by Shipment Status: When searching for orders in the Order Admin UI, orders can now be filtered by shipment status. This allows the user to easily find orders whose shipments need attention, such as customer care. These statuses are Ready, Backorder, Fulfilled, Customer Care, and Cancelled. This includes transfer shipments and cases such as where an order has multiple shipments and only one is cancelled – that order would still be displayed in the results if filtered for Cancelled shipment statuses.
  • Fulfiller Error Messages: Improvements have been made to the error messages of the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform Fulfiller UI, which appear as red popups. These messages now remain visible for 10 seconds, at which point they automatically close, unless manually closed before 10 seconds. The appearance of these messages has also been updated to display an exclamation point icon instead of an X, reducing confusion on how to close the popup.
  • Translated Gift Information: Shopper notes and other order gift fields were not populated in the translated APIs used by clients upgrading from a previous version of OMS, meaning that gift information could not be provided in KCCP order data. The upgraded OMS Create Order API has been extended to support these fields and properly transmit gift information into KCCP at the order and shipment level.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsSearching for an order number in the Fulfiller UI did not return the order or shipment that matched that number as the first result. This has been fixed so that the matching result is the first one listed.
Targeted for Production TenantsIf an External Order ID contained a special character, then searching for that ID in the Fulfiller UI would not return the correct order result and the UI would not display the results properly. This has been fixed so that special characters in External Order IDs will not interfere with the search results and display the appropriate order.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe catalog inventory grid was not properly paginating entries. This has been corrected so that larger numbers of inventory can be properly viewed across different pages in the table.
Targeted for Production TenantsGeneral email settings were not being followed, in which emails such as Shipment Assigned and Item Cancelled were still triggered even when disabled in administrative settings. This has been corrected so that if email settings are disabled, then those emails should not get triggered and sent by the system.
Targeted for Production TenantsAttempting to export orders via the Import/Export tool failed with an error messaging indicating “method not found.” This process has been updated so that the tool can successfully export order data.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe File Manager only displayed 20 images even after thousands were uploaded and assigned to products. This has been fixed so that all appropriate image files are displayed in the table with appropriate pagination.
Targeted for Production SandboxesWhen a tenant had multiple sites for a catalog and was viewing the General Settings of the Order Admin UI, the tabs to switch between sites were not displayed. This prevented the user from easily switching to a different site to manage its settings. This has been corrected so that the site option is displayed at the top of the interface to switch between sites.
Targeted for Production SandboxesWhen searching for locations on the order inventory page of the Order Admin UI, the expected typeahead results were not appearing. This has been fixed so that the typeahead will present matching locations after the user begins typing their desired location identifier.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe Import/Export tool occasionally failed when updating existing product attributes via .csv file upload, as a missing API parameter resulted in null objects. This process has been improved so that attribute data can be successfully updated through the tool.
Targeted for Production SandboxesUsers occasionally had to clear their browser cache in order to view updates to some labels and localized text after language packets were updated. Versioning has been added to these packets to improve this update process in the future and reduce the need to manually update cached text.
Targeted for Production SandboxesAfter a sandbox was created and an application installed, creating a new catalog and site caused subsequent installs to fail. This has been corrected so that multiple installs can be successfully made.