August 25, 2020 — 1.2033 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Social Content Application Update: The social content application that can be integrated with a storefront has been updated to reflect the current Instagram authorization needs and data endpoints. 
  • ShipWorks Support: Existing support for the ShipWorks integration application and functionality supported by the previous eCommerce platform has been extended to the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform, allowing ShipWorks to continue being used by clients. 

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Require Shipping Manifests: To further support the Fulfiller UI’s ability to generate shipping manifests for carriers such as Canada Post, an new location setting to require manifests has been created. In the location configuration options, an administrator can now toggle on “Requires Manifest” to indicate whether a fulfillment location will generate manifests during the fulfillment process.
  • Curbside Delivery, Phase I: Curbside Delivery is a new fulfillment process that provides a safer order pickup experience, allowing retailers to continue serving their customers while limiting traffic within the store and contact between individuals. Curbside Delivery includes a system of communication between the customer and retailer through SMS and email notifications, which allow customers to inform the retailer that they are on their way, that they have arrived, and details to identify their car or indicate where they prefer their order to be placed. This keeps both parties in sync and streamlines the pickup process to ensure accuracy. In Phase I of this solution, Curbside Delivery operates as its own standalone process and is implemented without other order management and fulfillment capabilities. Thus, it is not accessible on production tenants for pre-existing clients yet. In Phase II, Curbside will be leveraged to work alongside other order management implementations.

Production Sandbox Features

Order Management and Fulfillment Functionality

  • Curbside Vehicle Enhancement: The vehicle information provided by the customer for Curbside Delivery is now displayed better in the Fulfiller Interface as part of the shipment information in the Provide to Customer fulfillment step. Headers are now included to better call out the information for store associates, where previously the customer’s text was displayed inline.
  • Advanced Fulfiller Search: The Advanced Search filters from the Order Admin UI have been added to the Fulfiller UI, allowing fulfiller users to perform detailed and specific searches using the advanced options from the Admin UI. This includes the ability to search by a specific Shipment Status, such as “CANCELLED” or “BACKORDER.”
  • Return & Restock Locations: Customer service representatives can now identify a return location while initiating returns in the Order Admin UI. The return label will be generated with the selected return location on it. If a default return address is set in the site settings, then the selector will default to that location but will allow the CSR to change to another location. Additionally, the CSR can select a restock location during the Receive Package step of processing a return. This will restock, or update, the inventory levels at that location (though only locations that support inventory management can be selected). The CSR can specify different return locations for quantities within one line item, such as if 5 of the product were returned to one location and 5 to another location.
  • Order Routing Action Enhancement: Improvements have been made to Order Routing failover actions, particularly to account for BOPIS scenarios. Previously, failover actions did not take into account all of the filter criteria on items. Thus, there was no way to handle single items in an order that were supposed to be non-transferable between locations even if out of stock (such as large BOPIS items), and routing actions were taken even if they conflicted with those filters. Now, the failover actions are more consistent with filters and are only performed if they match the filter criteria. If there is a conflict, order routing will move to the next location group and attempt to assign the order there without initiating a transfer.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsThe Order Admin UI was not accessible on Internet Explorer 11, as the page would be stuck loading and never display the interface. Internet Explorer support has been improved so that the interface is fully accessible.
Targeted for Production TenantsProducts were unable to be added to an order through the Order Admin UI if inventory stock was not being tracked, as there would be no change to the order after selecting the product. This has been fixed so that untracked products can be added to orders.
Targeted for Production TenantsInventory processes have been corrected for transfer shipments where previously they did not provide the most accurate updates of current stock levels. Previously, inventory was A) fulfilled at the sending location and B) adjusted at the receiving location when the shipment was received. Now, inventory is A) fulfilled at the sending location when the transfer is shipped and B) adjusted at the receiving location when the transfer is received.
Targeted for Production TenantsUsing an API request to filter location results from location groups based on their fulfillmentLocationCode was not functional because of conflict between capitalized codes and case sensitive filtering. This has been changed to be case insensitive, so that location codes can be successfully filtered regardless of capitalization.
Targeted for Production TenantsPayPal payment capture was not submitting a currency code with API calls, causing the capture to fail due to a currency mismatch. This has been fixed so that the proper currency codes are passed with PayPal.
Targeted for Production SandboxesInherited category facets were unable to be reordered by manual ranking in the Site Builder, as the facets automatically returned to their previous position. This has been fixed so that the facets can be properly managed by manual ordering.
Targeted for Production SandboxesShipping, duty, and handling fees were not calculated correctly after orders were imported to KCCP order management from a non-Kibo storefront. These calculations have been fixed so that they properly reflect the fees that should be applied to the order.
Targeted for Production SandboxesPick waves were slow to be closed, causing a long wait time for the Fulfiller Interface user. Enhancements have been done to speed up this closure process.
Targeted for Production SandboxesSome errored orders were created and placed into the Validated order status despite returning an error message claiming that the action had failed. This was related to inventory services being down and failing to generate shipments for the order. This has been corrected so that these scenarios are handled properly, and valid orders can still have shipments generated if inventory is temporarily down.