September 6, 2023 — 1.2334 Service Update


Kibo is updating our backend SOLR version. This went to sandbox on August 22 and will be gradually rolled out to production tenants over the next few weeks. No action is required, but please contact Kibo Support if you have any questions.

Additionally, a new recurring script is being added to the system to support an upcoming feature enhancement that limits the amount of contacts allowed on a customer account. The script will automatically delete the oldest non-primary contacts for any account with more than 20 contacts. This is scheduled to run at 12:00 AM every day and takes approximately 20 minutes.

Production Tenant Features


  • File Manager Sort Update: When viewing product images in the File Manager, you can now sort the file by Date Created by clicking on that column's header.

Production Bug Fixes

EventsThe Admin UI was unable to display application events, as the list of events could not be loaded due to a Task Canceled Exception error. This has been corrected so that all subscribed events can be properly displayed.
EventsThe order.pendingreview event was always triggered twice, sending duplicate notifications per application. This has been fixed so that this event will only be sent once.
FulfillmentCanada Post shipping manifests were not working due to a failure to retrieve eligible shipments after the previous release. This was due to a field missing from package data, which has now been corrected so that the field is always stored on the shipment and manifests can be successfully retrieved.
Import/ExportWhen exporting the product catalog via the Import/Export tool, the price column would always be included without a header at the top even if the user did not select it to be exported. If selected, then a duplicate price column would be displayed (which would then cause errors upon reimport if not deleted). This has been fixed so that the erroneous price column does not appear in export files.
Order RoutingWhen using the Save Group API, group ranking would change unexpectedly after placing the call. The logic for this API has been updated so that ranks will not be changed if not specifically edited in the request body.
Order RoutingSome order routing filters were not filtering locations correctly for Canada Post shipments, as OR would filter out valid non-express locations for a non-express shipment. This was due to an error in the carrier's duration values within the database, which has now been fixed so that shipments can be routed as expected.
SubscriptionsThe Perform Subscription API call was returning validation errors when attempting to retry a failed continuity order, stating that the subscription was not in the proper Active or Failed statuses. This has been fixed so that the API allows failed orders to be successfully retried as expected.
SubscriptionsThe Payment Requested Amount on subscription continuity orders was incorrect, as it was not being updated properly through the payments.action.before API Extension.  This has been corrected so that the expected payment amount will be returned.
SubscriptionsOptimization has been done with indexing to improve performance issues on the subscriptions database, as well as for product reservations.

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Internal Production Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • TECR-197: The ability to override carrier credentials for UPS and FedEx in location and location group configurations has been added, similar to the passthroughs in place for Canada Post, Purolator, and USPS.
  • TECR-179: Support for FedEx SmartPost has been added in the Shipping Runtime and Admin services, using fedex_smart_post as the service type for those shipments. This is part of larger work to move FedEx to SRT, and so may be published in the client-facing features in an upcoming release.
  • CAT-3154: RIS API passthroughs have been updated to support the new future available-to-promise inventory, inventory segmentation, and accurate fulfillment date fields.
  • CHAR-4902: Performance testing for segmented and future inventory with the Java GET Inventory API has been done with new tests.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Event Subscription Issues: TECR-147 (reported by Home Hardware)
  • Duplicate Order Event: COM-7434
  • Import/Export Price Column: CAT-3345 (reported by
  • Canada Post Manifests Broken: FFMT-4014 (reported by Laura Canada)
  • Save Group API Error: CHAR-4997 (reported by Ace Hardware)
  • Incorrect OR Filtering: COM-7728 (reported by Yamaha)
  • Perform Subscription Action Error: COM-7845 (reported by Proactiv)
  • Incorrect Payment Requested Amount: COM-7782
  • Subscription/Reservation Optimization: COM-7796

Production Sandbox Features


  • Categories UI Update: Minor updates have been made to the Categories UI, including changing the "Search Merchandizing Rule" title in category configurations to "Merchandizing Rules" for better consistency and adding a notice that displays how many categories will be impacted if you delete a merchandizing rule.


  • Bundle Component Substitution: Support for bundle components has been added to the product substitutions feature. When making substitutions in the Fulfiller UI, you will now be able to select substitutes for line items that are part of a bundle.
  • Fulfiller UI Updates: Some minor navigation improvements have been made to the fulfillment workflow, such as the user no longer being redirected out of the shipment workflow after transitioning a step. Additionally, there is now a drop-down menu in the shipment details where the View Workflow and Cancel Shipment buttons were previously displayed.


  • Fetch File Email Support: Behavior has been added to the emailList field in inventory fetch file configurations, which previously had no effect in the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform. Now, if a failure occurs when processing fetch files then an email notification will be sent out to each of the recipients in that list.

Location Management

  • Receive Processing Time: A new setting, "Receive Processing Time," has been added to location configurations in preparation for an upcoming enhancement. However, this feature is not available to use yet so Kibo does not recommend attempting to do anything with this setting. It will be made available in an upcoming release and more details will be provided at that time.


  • Facets Migration: The Facets feature has been moved to the Search category of the Admin UI and improvements have been made to the UI to better support management of facets. See the updated documentation for more details.

Site Builder

  • Site Builder Rename: The "Site Builder" portion of the Admin UI has been renamed to "Content" for all implementations to provide better consistency. Documentation has been updated appropriately.

Sandbox Bug Fixes

CatalogThe Quick Edit: Assign Categories page would freeze after the user performed an update and tried to return to the product list. This has been corrected so that the page will work as expected.
CustomersWith an API Extension was implemented for customer normalization, an authorization error was encountered when a shopper placed an order as a guest user and then attempted to register a new customer account. This has been fixed so that new customers can be successfully registered as expected after placing an order.

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Internal Sandbox Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • FFMT-3917: Optimizations have been made to address slow fulfillment database queries and add missing indexes where appropriate.
  • CAT-3143: Temporary logging has been removed from the bulk pricelist entry endpoints, and validation has now been implemented.
  • CHAR-4599: Optimizations have been made to make the inventory service cache more efficient.
  • CHAR-4852: The REST controllers for Graph QL existing queries have been updated to support data for inventory segmentation, future available to promise inventory, and accurate fulfillment dates.
  • CHAR-4909: The RIS existing queries logic has been updated with both new to utilize the same cache as Get Inventory, reducing duplication  as both systems will use the cache for retrieving accurate fulfillment dates.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Assign Categories Page Freezing: CAT-3575
  • Customer Normalization Error: COM-7766 (reported by Calendars)

The following bug fixes are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • TECR-206: Cross origin requests for Graph QL were failing due to reverse proxy issues, which has now been fixed.