November 15, 2023 — 1.2344 Service Update

Announcement: Code Freeze

Kibo has entered its "code freeze" for the peak holiday season, in which no more updates will be pushed to production tenants. Changes will continue to be added to sandbox environments per the below schedule and will be released to production on January 8, 2024:

  • Version 1.2342: October 31
  • Version 1.2344: November 15 (originally November 14 before being rescheduled)
  • Version 1.2346: November 28
  • Version 1.2348: December 12

Production Sandbox Features 


  • Google Feed Currency Toggle: The Google Feed integration now allows you to indicate whether or not to add a currency symbol to the export. For example, this would allow displaying $55.66 instead of 55.66. This is toggled via a boolean includeCurrencySymbol field in the resource configuration data. Documentation for Google Feed will be available soon. 


  • Reprice Substitutions: You can now enable repricing to occur when a product is substituted during fulfillment. When a reprice occurs, the substitute's item price will be applied and the shipment total will be recalculated. Any discounts, shipping, and handling on the original item will be copied to the substitute item as-is. For more information about repricing behavior and how to enable it, see the Substitute Products guide.


  • Carrier Label Consistency: Canada Post and FedEx carrier labels had inconsistent sizing, with Canada Post labels being generated in portrait orientation and FedEx in landscape. Now, carrier labels will default to a size of 4x6 to improve consistency and make label printing more efficient.

Sandbox Bug Fixes

CatalogSelected products on the Quick Edits page would be unselected when changing to the next page of products. This has been fixed so that you can select products across multiple pages without losing selections.
CatalogThe Google Feed integration for English and Arabic locales was missing long description fields, as well as not feeding into the google sheet properly (such as not reflecting variant products). This has been corrected so that Google Feed includes the appropriate long descriptions and product information.
FulfillerAfter cancelling a line item via API in an OMS-Only implementation, the Cancelled By field displayed in the Admin UI shipment details was not populated. This has been fixed so that the responsible user or application ID is displayed as expected.
FulfillerWhen attempting to create a transfer shipment for STH shipments caused an 400 Bad Request response while validating shipment stock, the shipment still progressed to Waiting for Transfer despite not being a valid step for STH shipments without consolidation enabled. This has been fixed so that STH shipments in this scenario will not be erroneously moved to transfer states.
SearchAfter sorting several pages' worth of merchandizing rules by their End Date, the sort option would not persist after moving through a few pages. This was due to the system becoming confused by rules with no end date. This has been fixed so that merchandizing rules that are sorted by their end date will remain sorted, with empty end dates being treated as the earliest possible options.
SearchWhen pinning products in merchandizing rules, products pinned to the bottom of pages past the first page showed inconsistent ranking. They would appear at the bottom of the first page, but their ranking value would still reflect the listing on the original page. This has been corrected so that pinning products on subsequent pages works as expected, meaning that the product will only be pinned on that page.

Restricted Content

Internal Sandbox Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • CAT-3445: The batch import execution service now monitors metrics like Solr CPU and queue length for indexing queues.
  • COM-8127: SRT's error handling has been improved while generating shipping manifests and now includes the existing manifest ID as well. This allows FFMT to handle the response.
  • COM-8101: Error messaging has also been improved in the label creation process of SRT, where previously the error was consumed and always returned a 200 response code. Now, it will reflect any errors that appeared and those will be logged in Kibana as well.

The following bug fixes are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • CAT-3937: Merchandizing rules were not deleted from Solr when a rule was disabled, as the search indexer was calling ProductAdmin instead of ProductRuntime. This has now been fixed.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Quick Edit Product Selections: CAT-3932 (reported by Calendars)
  • Google Feed Missing Data: CAT-3910 (reported by AFG)
  • Cancelled By Not Populated: FFMT-4007
  • STH Shipment Waiting for Transfer: FFMT-4006
  • Merchandizing Rule Sorting: CAT-3926 (reported by Ace)
  • Pinning Products Error: CAT-3962 (reported by Calendars)